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Friday, November 13, 2015

FO Friday

Happy Friday! I have a lovely couple of FOs to show for today.....

Curlew (link to Project Page)
Pattern: Curlew by Veronica Parsons

Time Frame: started September 10, 2015; finished September 26, 2015

Yarn: Annapurna Cashmere Yarn by A Verb for Keeping Warm in Lily Pad (which is more of a natural with greenish hues rather than a pink, which seems to show up in the above photo) - approximately 224 yds (yardage calculated based on the weight of leftover ball of yarn)

Needles: US #0 (2 mm) - 2 long circulars, and US #3 (3.25 mm) - 16" circular and DPNs

Size: One size

Modification(s): Aside from using smaller needles for the ribbing (the pattern calls for US #1 - which turned out to be far too large), I made no modifications.

Thoughts: I made this as a test knit for Veronica and so the pattern had some little bits that needed some attention (I was working from the written directions) but they've been fixed in the final version. It makes a lovely slouch hat. I'm not much for slouch hats but this one worked out pretty well. There is some subtle cabling between the lattice panels and it flows well into the decreases. I'd make it again...but dear lord, working with sock yarn on small needles takes forever for me!

Hat wasn't finished at this point but the color is better!

Little Man's Hat (link to Project Page)

Pattern: None; it came from my own little brain

Time Frame: started July 8, 2015; finished November 2, 2015

Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers Superwash in Celery (haven't estimated yardage but it was less than 220 yds)

Needles: US #5 (3.75 mm) DPNs and US #8 (5 mm) DPNs

Size: 80 sts (to fit Little Man)

Modification(s): None; it's my pattern

Thoughts: There are a few things I plan to change before this pattern gets anywhere close to "publication ready," namely how the cables start and end but other than that, it worked out quite well. It was started as just something to play with the cables to see what would happen and this was the result. I may or may not make an adult version and a baby version......depends on how things go.

Anyway, that's all I have for you today. I hope you're having a lovely Friday!


  1. Nice finishes for today. I like the lace of the first. I love how Little Man is very happy with his new beanie.

  2. Love the slouchy hat! I prefer slouchy styles, myself. And that awesome cabled green hat looks amazing- Love that dramatic cable.

    1. The yarn is the same that I made your not-yet-born baby's hat with...and the idea was sparked as a result of that lovely night :)