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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Stash Enhancement on a Tuesday (or, the eBay win!)

Well. I acquired more yarn. I should probably share....

Yarn: Oasis Yarns Aussi Worsted
Weight/Yds: Worsted, 200 yds
Color: Limeade

For some reason, I got a bug in my pants to partake in some eBay searching.....and I came across this, bid on it, and won. I may or may not have paid too much for it but I'm not that fussed about it. It's a bright green and will probably grow up to be a hat of some sort but I might use it with something else. We'll see when I get there. Right now, it's in seclusion, away from the rest of my stash, just in case there are bugs. All should be well.....

It's a shorty today :) I hope you're having a lovely Tuesday!


  1. A lady never discusses the monetary cost of her yarn stash :) That's such a beautiful skein, I can see why you had to bid!

    1. One should also never discuss the size of said yarn stash......but, I feel like I should have some sort of track record for what I buy in a year. I've never really done it before.

  2. So smart of you to have a little yarn quarantine, just in case! I haven't heard of that yarn before, I'm interested to hear how it knits up!

    1. I usually don't put my yarn in quarantine, though I probably should. Because I bought this off eBay, I thought a quarantine would be a good idea. I'll probably do the same with the next skein I bought via eBay (oops! Sorry, not sorry!).

    2. I do have an affinity for green things. I blame my mother.