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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stash Enhancement: My LYS closed :(

Happy Tuesday! On Sunday, my LYS closed. I'm bummed for many reasons but the biggest one is that I will no longer have a place to just go and knit during the days when the boys are driving me nuts and Husband is home. But I'm also going to miss having a yarn store so close.

At any rate, some yarn came home...and some other items...

Yarn: Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Worsted Wool
Weight/Yardage: Worsted/250 yds (each)
Colorway(s): Green (top), Royal Blue (middle), and Mint (bottom)

No ideas. They just requested a trip home. Apparently I'm just feeding the stash.

Yarn: Cascade Ultra Pima
Weight/Yardage: DK/220 yds (each)
Colorway(s): Mint (top) and Spearmint (bottom)

Again, no specific use...but I imagine they'd make some really nice facecloths :)

Yarn: Cascade 128 Superwash
Weight/Yardage: Bulky/128 yds
Colorway: Lime

For some reason, I keep thinking about a hat out of this yarn. I've been buying all the bulky lately, and aside from hats, I've really no use for it. ::sigh::

Yarn: Cascade Venezia Worsted
Weight/Yardage: Worsted/218 yds
Colorway: Pure Diamond

I think this wants to grow up into something like 198 yds of Heaven or something similar. We'll see, however :)

Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash Effects
Weight/Yardage: Worsted/220 yds
Colorway: 2 (which is a grey & white deal)

No plans. Just feeding the stash...

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Encore
Weight/Yardage: Worsted/200 yds
Colorway(s): 1014 (top) and Christmas Green (bottom)

The green is slated for Stormageddon's baby blanket (which I still need to design and, you know, start!). Any leftover green will probably be paired with the yellow to make some Green Bay Packers-esque hats. We're from Wisconsin and even though we don't give a rip about football, many of our friends and family do.....

I also picked up some needles:

There are two US #1 long circulars (40", I believe), two 16" circulars (US #8 and US #4), and two sets of DPNs in US #11 and US #10, all from Knitters' Pride. In addition to that, I bought a little bag of cedar blocks to stick in my bins. I also picked up the physical copy of Walk Now, which has been in my queue for awhile...

But wait, that's not all!

I fell into Corgi Hill Farm last week and wound up ordering a few balls of fluff. They arrived on Friday and I finally photographed them yesterday :)

Weight: approx 4 oz
Fiber Content: 60% Polwarth wool & 40% Tussah silk
Colorway: Hoar Frost

Weight: approx 4 oz
Fiber Content: 60% BFL wool & 40% Bombyx silk
Colorway: Forest Test

I hope you're having a lovely Tuesday. It's been rainy and icky around here, some of my photos aren't that great (they're not that great usually but sometimes I surprise myself). So, happy Tuesday :)


  1. How sad to hear your LYS is closing! It looks like you managed to stock up on some nice stuff, but it's still a shame to lose that place in your community. Hopefully you find a new knitting place soon!

    1. There are other shops around the Bay Area but there's nothing close enough for me to take a couple hours and go knit. It would be an hour drive there, an hour drive back, and no knitting time in between. ::sigh::

  2. I like the kelly green yarns and that Pure Diamond Cascade Yarn, its line I've never heard of before. How sad they closed. Were they just tired and wanted to do other things?

    1. I know Sudha wanted to retire and her daughter, Saloni, wanted to get back into tech so it was time :(

  3. I was bummed out to see that Nine Rubies was closing. So many bay area yarn shops have closed in the last year. :(

    1. Yep. I can think of at least three that have closed since I've been here.

  4. so sad that the lys has closed! You made out like a bandit, looks at all that gorgeous green yarn! Green is my favourite colour, too. :) And the roving looks so amazing!