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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Stash Enhancement: Post-Stitches Yarn Fumes!

Happy Wednesday! I think I'm still recovering from all the yarn fumes at Stitches West because I fell into my (soon-to-be-closing) LYS about two weeks ago, right after Stitches, and bought many things......and I also have a club shipment :)

Yarn: Anzula Cricket

Yardage/Weight: 250 yds/DK weight

Colorway(s): Poppy (yellow), Storm (blue) and Au Natural (natural)

Yarn: Anzula It Could Be Worsted

Yardage/Weight: 190 yds (each)/Worsted weight

Colorway(s): Jawbreaker (yes, I bought one at Stitches...)

Yeah. All that happened in one go.

And in the mail.......

Yarn: KnitCircus Ballerina

Yardage/Weight: 380 yds/Sock weight

Colorway(s): Welcome Back Sun

::sigh:: I have so much yarn. Moving along.....hope you're having a lovely Wednesday!


  1. Your stash enhancement is fantastic. I am drooling over the sock yarn.

    1. It originally started out as a knitting magazine of the same name (Knitcircus), then they went digital, then they gave it up, and they started dyeing yarn in Jaala's basement...which became a kickstarter for their own shop space (which I helped fund - hence the gradient yarn club). So, they have a brick & mortar shop in Madison, WI and they do a bunch of mail order indie type stuff.

  2. Anzula is very popular I see. I think I have a skein from a long time ago, online, Purl Soho purchase.

    1. After Stitches, Anzula went to my LYS and had another trunk show, of was grand :)

  3. Oh my! You have some great yarn! That jawbreaker colorway is gorgeous!

    1. I keep thinking I should have bought more of it....

  4. ooh, amazing stash enhancements! You'll love that Knit Circus gradient.

  5. Love that Jawbreaker....and the gradient...yum!