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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

WIP Wednesday: Progression of a WIP

Happy Wednesday!

I'm going to be upfront and honest: while I have at least five WIPs going, today will only feature one of them.

This, friends, is my Gex sweater that I'm test knitting for Avril (link to Ravelry profile).

This photo was taken last night, hence why it's dark. I've also got 187 sts crammed onto a 24" circular, which also makes it difficult to see. I might drag out a longer circular to continue knitting...or not. I'm going to split for the sleeves soon enough, which will relieve some of the cramming.

I started this project on April 8, 2016 after noticing that the lovely designer was looking for testers.

So, let's talk about sweater...she's got sizes from 0-6 months to a 4XL (58" chest circumference). Seriously, there's sixteen sizes for this sweater. If you need something bigger, I'm pretty sure it's easy enough to suss out how to make it bigger (for, say, a 60" chest circumference). I'm working on the 6-8 year old size for Little Man. I know a few of the other test knitters. One is working on the 2-4 year old size, another is working on one of the adult sizes, blah blah blah.

The pattern is pretty straight-forward, though it needs some tweaking to make it more user-friendly. Yes, I've made the suggestion to the designer. This is one of her first patterns (and she picked a doozy! Seriously, I went with hats....she went with a freaking sweater!). I'm telling her things that no one told me. So, there's that.

Anyway, here's the first photo I took of the sweater in progress.

Hard to tell what's going on here, isn't it?

This is the first "wedge" of the yoke. So, you can see the triangles it forms...but it's hard to see what we're doing here. Let's look at another photo.

Getting the idea? The top part of the triangles make up the neckline and the bottom part is the bottom of the yoke where you pick up stitches and knit the body.

Further proof of what I'm talking about and because it's bigger, you can see the curve that will go around the neck.

But I'm beyond the yoke, now. I've picked up all the stitches along the bottom of the yoke and I've worked a couple rows, which is why it's all scrunched up in the top photo.

In case you've not figured it out, it's a top-down raglan cardigan. In a couple more rows, I'm going to put stitches on holders for the sleeves, thus relieving some of the cramping on the needles. Then I continue to knit my way down the body. Then I knit sleeves, add a button band, and Bob's your uncle :)

If you're interested, I think she's still looking for testers for some of the other sizes.

I hope you're having a lovely Wednesday :) I'll be back on Friday for an installment of FO Friday!

Edited to add: Linking up with Tammy today :)


  1. Well it's obviously go big or go home. I love the black and white together. It's like a unique animal coat.

    1. None of these photos portray the color very well. The color is actually a navy blue & white. This is the blue: