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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Y5: Self-Imposed Year of Projects - Update #19

Happy Sunday!

I'm going to be honest: this post is being written on Friday afternoon, possibly edited a little on Saturday, and it's going to autopost on Sunday....because we're going to be out of town for a few days. Sooo, there's that.

Let's get going on today's update :)

FOs (Finished Objects)
1. Fire Socks: started April 15, 2015; finished January 6, 2016
2. Nottingham for Stormageddon: started January 12, 2016; finished January 14, 2016
3. Design proposal for Fire Socks: started January 13, 2016; finished January 18, 2016
4. Purple merino/silk spinning (singles): started toward the end of Tour de Fleece (July 4-26, 2015); finished January 29, 2016
5. Nottingham for Little Man: started January 17, 2016; finished February 1, 2016
6. Swirl Hat: started December 16, 2015; finished February 4, 2016
7. Swatch for Marly Bird class at Stitches West: started January 8, 2016; finished February 7, 2016 (no project page)
8. Fire Socks design (the actual pattern writing & photography part): started February 6, 2016; finished February 12, 2016 (link to the preview; pattern went live on Saturday, April 2nd)
9. Mountains Beanie: started February 9, 2016; finished February 17, 2016
10. Rathmore: started February 25, 2016; finished March 4, 2016
11. Dragon's Egg Socks: started September 2, 2013; finished March 9, 2016
12. Creeper for Little Man: started March 4, 2016; finished March 10, 2016
13. Mother Bear Project #1: started February 22, 2016; finished March 12, 2016
14. Asshole Corriedale (spinning project): started March 23, 2016; finished March 24, 2016
15. Pacific Waves: started March 9, 2016; finished March 25, 2016
16. Freeport Vest Frogging: started March 29, 2016; finished March 29, 2016
17. Pacific Waves: started March 31, 2106; finished April 2, 2016
18. Vanilla Latte Socks: started November 19, 2015; finished April 6, 2016
19. Snape's Stockings: started August 20, 2014; finished April 11, 2016
20. Pacific Waves: started April 3, 2016; finished April 15, 2016
21. Creeper Hat: started April 28, 2016; finished May 4, 2016

Oh hey, look at that...I finished something :) The Creeper Hat was finished up this past week. I spent some time watching the first two of the Hunger Games trilogy (okay, how can it be a trilogy when it's four movies...but I know the books are a trilogy so I suppose....?) and I finished up the hat. The good news is that it fits Little Man. The bad news is that it may also fit me and I might steal it once in awhile. Meh. Maybe that's also a win?

I've also been lax in the FO Friday maybe this week. I know, I keep saying that. ::sigh:: Soon. I promise.

WIPs (Works-In-Progress) - carried over year-to-year
1. Wink: started January 5, 2015
2. Finn & Suffolk singles: started April 1, 2016
3. CashSilk Fern Scarf: started April 7, 2016
4. Gex for Little Man: started April 8, 2016
5. Bridal Shower Lace Cloth: started April 27, 2016

Aside from finishing the Creeper Hat noted above, I only worked a little bit on the Gex sweater and that was it. I'm still on the first sleeve. I expect it would get finished if I'd work on it.

The Reader's Digest version is that this was not a good week for me and I spent more time reading than knitting. The reading isn't a bad thing but otherwise, it just was not a lovely week. So. Yeah.

Moving along.....


Children's Items
1. George's Vest (for Stormageddon - probably the largest size; YOTH Little Brother from Stitches)
2. House Hat (one each for Stormageddon and Little Man - worsted, two contrasting colors)
3. Arthur the Alien (for Little Man - worsted; any colors)
4. Holiday Countdown Stockings (for the family - Aran/worsted; four colors)
5. Mirkwood (for Little Man - worsted or bulky; any colors)
6. Something for a baby (brother's baby!) - sweater probably, maybe a toy or socks or lots of things...KNIT ALL THE BABY THINGS!

Items for ME (selfish knitting, FTW!!)
1. Vanillaish Socks (using one of my Harry Potter Yarns)
2. Paradiddle Socks (using a solid or semi-solid sock yarn)
3. Hermione Hearts Ron (sport weight; solid or semi-solid - Plucky Primo in Petunia?)
4. Hermione Hearts Ron Fingerless Mitts (sport weight; solid or semi-solid - Plucky Primo in Petunia?)
5. Classic Silk Mayfaire Camisole (Miss Babs from Stitches Midwest)
6. Stormont (worsted; solid or semi-solid)
7. Sockhead Hat (sock; any colors)
8. Moab Shawl (sock; any colors) *need pattern*
9. Prowl (DK; solid or semi-solid) *need pattern*

Secret Sock Club Bags - Pick a bag at random; do pattern with yarn
1. Scotch & Soda Scarf (using Briar Rose Fibers Wistful, leftover from my Icarus Shawl)
2. Jabberwonky (using KP Felici in Abracadabra)
3. If You Know Where To Go (using KP Felici in Green Veggies)
4. Gardener's Socks (using Malabrigo Sock in Indiacita)

Stranded Knitting
1. University of Wisconsin Ski Hat
2. University of Wisconsin Christmas Stocking
3. University of Wisconsin Button Beanie
4. Xanadu Snowflake Cowl

Christmas/Charity Bin
1. 198 yds. of Heaven (worsted; any colors)
2. Phillip and Mr. Grum (sock yarn; any colors)
3. Comfort Food (Aran; solid)
4. Fine Fella (worsted; solid or semi-solid)
5. November Leaves (Shelter from stash) *need pattern*
6. Skinner Hat (sock; solid or semi-solid) *need pattern*
7. The Shoemaker's Hat (bulky; solid or semi-solid) *need pattern*
8. Roll Out The Barrels (cotton; any colors)
9. Sweeny Todd Scarf (worsted; any colors)
10. The Snowmen Cometh (worsted; any colors)
11. Sunburst Dishcloth (cotton; any colors)
12. Starfish Cloth (cotton; any colors)
13. Seamless Circular Cloth (cotton; any colors)
14. Tombreck (Aran/worsted; solid or semi-solid)
15. Premie Spiral Hat (for hospital donations - sport or DK; any colors)

1. Ice Somethingsomething (knit prototype and pattern for submission)
2. Susan's Hat (make proper - photos, pattern, etc.; knit new prototype from Babs K2 from Stitches)
3. Little Man's Baby Blanket (make proper - photos, pattern, etc.)
4. Paradiddle Socks (knit prototype - see "Items for ME")
5. Pacific Waves Hat (knit prototypes in various weights/sizes, pattern for submission? self-publish?) *I've started this*
6. Stormageddon's Baby Blanket (design process, knit prototype, etc.)

1. Spin approximately 4 oz of either a grey wool or white merino to ply with the purple silk/merino listed in the FO section above.

Other (for things that are fibery/crafty in nature but not specific to knitting or spinning)
1. Organize my handmade stitch markers
2. Make more stitch markers (to sell? donate? hoard?)
3. Organize my books/magazines/loose patterns. *started*

Around here, not much has been happening. Of course, that may be due, in part, to my foggy brain. I just did not have a great week. Instead of knitting, I spent my time reading. I picked up the Hunger Games trilogy a little over a week ago and I spent Saturday-Tuesday reading the series. Yeah, I read three books, each 400+ pages, in four days. I read the first book on Saturday, the second book on Sunday and finished Monday, and the third book was started on Monday and finished Tuesday. And, of course, once I had finished reading, I started watching the movies. I've watched the first two so I only have Mockingjay left. I can't watch them while the boys are awake, though. Stormageddon wouldn't notice what he was watching but Little Man might get scared. That's how I finished the Creeper Hat: I watched the first two movies. As long as it was mindless knitting, I was able to do it during the movies.

Little Man has been really into book-making lately. I've discovered that if I fold the paper in half and make them that way, he isn't going through paper as quickly. So, I've started doing that. When I was just using full sheets, he was going through 50-100 sheets a week. This way, he's going through probably half of that. He's also been fine cuddling with me during Stormageddon's nap while I read and he played on the iPad. That's helped, honestly.

Here are some photos from this past week.

Stormageddon was still a bit cuddly on Monday. He was tired and not napping very well. So, cuddle photos :)

We found this guy on Monday afternoon. He (she?) was crawling around in our carrot containers in our greenhouse. I plucked him from the container, put him on a leaf, took a photo, and rehomed him in another part of our yard, away from our produce.

Little Man likes to be "creative." So, he pulled out his apron and was making things on the table. I don't know either....he didn't really need the apron for what he was doing but I'm not going to complain.

At school, they harvested spinach and mint this week. They also planted some flowers. So, he has his little bag of produce and he's standing by the flowers at school.

Puppy had his yearly appointment at the vet on Thursday. Three shots, his heartworm test, and his poop test. He's fine. So.....he's having a break at the vet's office.

And there are my boys. All four of them. Of course, only two are looking at the camera. Trying to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time is almost impossible when two of your models are....well, one's a dog and the other is a baby. Oh well. This was as good as it got.

On Friday afternoon, we went to the mall. It was raining outside so the boys played at the indoor play area. We also did a few other random things while we were there. They love playing at the mall. Little Man is, technically, too tall for the play area but he still loves it so I let him play. When Stormageddon is a bit older, we'll probably have to stop...

Anyway, I think I'm going to have an FO Friday this week.....meaning I'm going to go write the post now that I'm finished writing this one :) So, you know, check back :) Also, I found my "lost" skein of Wollmeise so I can post about that...and my Knit Picks order that came....and now I've got three skeins of Kismet coming, which is sadly going out of, stash enhancement abounds :)

Hope you're having a lovely week!


  1. Yay on the reading. I love it when a reader gets immersed in a series. Little Man holding the harvest looks so big and mature! Your dog does not look like a puppy. We were just talking about pets this weekend. Each daughter wants her own kitten and the husband wants a German Shepherd. I told him he can get a dog when he retires b/c I ain't go no time to take care of a dog. I would be more open to cats because they don't need to get walked and they have one place to do their business. Happy Mama's Day girl.

  2. look how pleased little man is about the bag of harvested veggies! that is so cool that his school does that.