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Friday, September 9, 2016

FO Friday: Gex Sweater(s)

Happy Friday!

I'm finally getting around to posting about these little sweaters....finally finally finally.....

Pattern: Gex by A.E. Marx (Ultramariner)

Time Frame: started April 8, 2016; finished June 5, 2016

Yarn: Cascade 220 in Royal Blue and White (no idea how much...haven't weighed the balls)

Needles: US #6 (4 mm)

Size: Child 6-8 year

Modification(s): The original test knit pattern had a few things I changed. I did a slipped stitch on each end of the yoke when I would get to that point (the yoke is worked sideways using short rows) which made picking up stitches easier when I started working on the body. I also did a slipped stitch on each end as I started working back and forth on the body, again for ease of picking up for the button band. The pattern also called for a turned hem, which was just disagreeing with me so I wound up doing the stripes. I also had to make up the button holes as I went because I had a different number of stitches on the needles, due to a difference in row gauge (my nemesis!). Also, per Little Man's request, I left the buttons off this cardigan. I have the button holes in case he changes his mind but, for now, they're not there.

Thoughts: I really liked how it turned out, though there were a few things I would have changed if it hadn't been a test knit and I wasn't winging some things (like the button band, for example). I liked it so much that when I found out my brother and sister-in-law were incubating one of their own, due just after Halloween, I decided to make one for that baby.....

Pattern: (same as above)

Time Frame: started June 28, 2016; finished August 19, 2016

Yarn: Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Orange and Black ~ about 125 yds of orange and 298 yds of black

Needles: US #6 (4 mm) and US #4 (3.5 mm)

Size: Child 1-2 year

Modification(s): Some of the modifications I made on the first sweater were incorporated into the pattern and, thus, used in the second sweater, most notably the striped hem/button band. In addition to that, the designer made the striped hem/button band work around the sweater in such a way that I didn't wind up with a obvious change between the hem & button band. I also did the slipped stitch on the edges of the yoke and body for ease in picking up stitches. Also, a modification from the first one (that was specified in the finalized pattern) was the use of my US #4 needles for the stripes. And, again, different numbers of stitches picked up for the button band/hem because row gauge is my nemesis! It also means I had to figure out where to put my button holes and all that.

Thoughts: The only thing I would have changed, if I were to reknit this: the number of button holes. I think it depends on the size you're knitting but I have eight button holes and only the three buttons attached. They just looked too close together. I'm sending the remaining buttons along with the sweater and if my sister-in-law wants to attach them, she can. I also anchored the buttons, which may be part of the problem as the anchor buttons on the back were bigger, thus taking up more space along the button band.

I tried to get a proper modeled shot of this sweater but Stormageddon was less than cooperative. He's only just two years old so it's not surprising. Here were the two best shots (and "best" is a matter of opinion):

So, woohoo for the Gex sweaters. I may make a third because Stormageddon seems to think this one is his. I have enough of the yarn left that I could make one for him...or I could make one in different yarn or......

We'll see.

I hope you're having a lovely Friday :)


  1. This is an interesting design. I like the yoke part.

  2. They will love the sweater.....they turned out great...

  3. Such a great sweater, and a great baby gift, that was really thoughtful of you! Stormaggedon looks cute in it, and I hear on trying to get toddler modelling photos.... they are so busy, they can't keep still!