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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Stash Acquisition 2016: Not the last one of the year...

Happy Saturday :)

I've had a couple of items come in recently and, because I'm trying to be crazy transparent about how much yarn I actually buy/acquire, it's time for an update.

Now, to be fair, two of the five items are not my fault. And two I forgot about until I got an email saying, "oh hai, we shipped your things." And the last one...well, that was a purchase for me.

But, let's get on with it already!

Firstly and foremostly, the two items that are totally not my fault:

Two skeins of Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Dove Heather. I have two skeins already so now I have four.

What's the story? Well, maybe a week and a half or two weeks ago, I got a random email from someone via Ravelry inquiring about two skeins of Swish Worsted in Wonderland Heather (which is an aqua color) that was hanging out in my regular stash. She wondered if I'd be willing to swap my two for her two as I had the dyelot she needed for a sweater she was making and the two she had had enough of a difference that you could see the stripe between dyelots. So, obviously, I can do that. She shipped me the two skeins of Wonderland Heather she had.....and these two. Totally not my fault! I'm not complaining.

In addition to that, I had a couple of project bags show up from Slipped Stitch Studios (for those of you keeping track at home, these were the "oh hai we shipped your things" surprise).

This is one of the Bag of the Month Club bags (BOM Club) when they did Severus Snape a few months back. It was a pre-order so I was going to have to wait anyway. It's the Two Skein bag, which is listed as "medium" and I have several. I lurves them.

This one, on the other hand, was left after the BOM Club for Labyrinth had finished and was available "on demand."

I bought them in two separate transactions but I emailed them and asked if they could hold onto the Labyrinth one until the Snape one was finished. So, they arrived together this week and I 100% forgot that they were coming.

Happy surprise?

And lastly.....

Ever since Artfibers closed their doors, I've been snapping up bases that I like. I came across this one in a destash. This is Sylph from Artfibers. It's classified as a DK weight silk, mohair, and wool blend (hence the halo effect you see). This is a full 700 yds, which is more than enough to make a shawl but we'll see how things go.

No idea what it's going to grow up to be....but I have it.

Now, between today and the end of the year, I should only have club shipments coming in (StevenBe Inappropriate and the last few of my Erin Lane Indie Yarn Carnival...October and December...and October is en route) other yarn. No nothing.

Hahahahaha. We'll see how that goes.

Have a lovely Saturday!


  1. I have a few things arriving in the mail, including two bags form OtterlyAdorable....and I have the last show of the year coming up next weekend...then that'll be it for me....I lurves the Snape bag!

  2. Swish Worsted is a great yarn to work with. I was all reading your post and kept thinking, why does Slipped Stitch Studio sound familiar. Then I remembered I had bought the color chart keeper from her three STITCHES ago. Love your new project bags.