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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Y5: Self-Imposed Year of Projects - Update #41

Happy Sunday! We all know why we're here (and if you've wandered in from elsewhere, or by mistake, or from Google, or whatever...hi!) let's get started!

FOs (Finished Objects)
1. Fire Socks: started April 15, 2015; finished January 6, 2016
2. Nottingham for Stormageddon: started January 12, 2016; finished January 14, 2016
3. Design proposal for Fire Socks: started January 13, 2016; finished January 18, 2016
4. Purple merino/silk spinning (singles): started toward the end of Tour de Fleece (July 4-26, 2015); finished January 29, 2016
5. Nottingham for Little Man: started January 17, 2016; finished February 1, 2016
6. Swirl Hat: started December 16, 2015; finished February 4, 2016
7. Swatch for Marly Bird class at Stitches West: started January 8, 2016; finished February 7, 2016 (no project page)
8. Fire Socks design (the actual pattern writing & photography part): started February 6, 2016; finished February 12, 2016 (link to the preview; pattern went live on Saturday, April 2nd)
9. Mountains Beanie: started February 9, 2016; finished February 17, 2016
10. Rathmore: started February 25, 2016; finished March 4, 2016
11. Dragon's Egg Socks: started September 2, 2013; finished March 9, 2016
12. Creeper for Little Man: started March 4, 2016; finished March 10, 2016
13. Mother Bear Project #1: started February 22, 2016; finished March 12, 2016
14. Asshole Corriedale (spinning project): started March 23, 2016; finished March 24, 2016
15. Pacific Waves: started March 9, 2016; finished March 25, 2016
16. Freeport Vest Frogging: started March 29, 2016; finished March 29, 2016
17. Pacific Waves: started March 31, 2106; finished April 2, 2016
18. Vanilla Latte Socks: started November 19, 2015; finished April 6, 2016
19. Snape's Stockings: started August 20, 2014; finished April 11, 2016
20. Pacific Waves: started April 3, 2016; finished April 15, 2016
21. Creeper Hat: started April 28, 2016; finished May 4, 2016
22: Finn & Suffolk blend (spinning): started April 1, 2016; singles finished May 27, 2016; plied May 31, 2016
23. Gex for Little Man: started April 8, 2016; finished June 5, 2016
24. Bridal Shower Lace Cloth: started June 20, 2016; finished June 27, 2016
25. TdF 1: 25%/25%/50% purple merino/silk & white merino (~ 540 yds; ~ 8 oz; DK/lt. worsted): started during TdF last year and finished the purple singles January 29, 2016; started the white last weekend, plied them on July 4, 2016
26. TdF 2: 25%/25%/50% leftover purple merino/silk & leftover kelly green merino (~ 20 yds; unknown weight; DK/lt. worsted): leftover bits that were plied on July 4, 2016
27. TdF 3: 100% merino, 50% hot pink, 50% grey (~ 50 yds; ~ 1 oz; DK/lt. worsted): started & finished on July 5, 2016
28: TdF 4: 100% merino, 50% rose pink, 50% navy blue (~ 50 yds; ~ 1 oz; DK/lt. worsted): started & finished on July 5, 2016
29. TdF 5: 25%/25%/50% leftover purple merino/silk & leftover hot pink merino (~ 10 yds; unknown weight; DK/lt. worsted): the purple was started during TdF last year and finished January 29, 2016; the hot pink was spun on July 5, 2016; they were plied on July 5, 2016
30. TdF 6: 100% merino, 50% leftover hot pink, 50% leftover navy blue (~ 10 yds; unknown weight; DK/lt. worsted): started & finished on July 5, 2016
31. TdF 7: 100% merino, rainbow gradient (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white) (~ 220 yds; ~ 4 oz; worsted): started July 5, 2016; finished July 6, 2016
32: TdF 8: 50/50 merino/tencel, Fat Cat Fibers in Razzmatazz (three different skeins: two skeins are three-ply, one is around 245 yds of worsted and the other is around 120 yds, also worsted; one skein is chain plied, probably also a worsted weight, about 25 yds): started July 8, 2016; finished July 12, 2016
33. TdF 9: 100% white merino (~ 446 yds two-ply, probably sport weight; ~ 15 yds Andean Ply, also around a sport weight): started July 15, 2016; finished July 18, 2016
34. TdF 10: Superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon from Happy Hands Hand Dyed (~ 166 yds two-ply, probably Aran weight; ~ 14 yds Andean Plied, also Aran weight): started July 15, 2016; finished July 19, 2016
35. TdF 11: 60% BFL/40% Bombyx (Mulberry Silk) from Corgi Hill (~ 298 yds two-ply, probably DK/lt. worsted; ~ 25 yds Andean Plied, also DK/lt. worsted): started July 18, 2016; finished July 20, 2016
36: TdF 12: Unknown BFL, possibly from Yarn Hollow (~ 144 yds two-ply, probably Aran weight): started July 21, 2016; finished July 23, 2016
37. Rainbow Gradient Cowl: started August 5, 2016; finished August 6, 2016
38. Gex for Niece: started June 28, 2016; finished August 19, 2016
39. Diagonal Owl Dishcloth: started September 1, 2016; finished September 2, 2016
40. Fall in San Francisco (Prototype 1): started September 18, 2016; finished September 21, 2016
41. Fall in San Francisco (Prototype 2): started September 28, 2016; finished October 2, 2016
42. Design Proposal: started September 26, 2016; finished October 3, 2016

I finished up my design proposal for {insert major knitting magazine} and got it sent out this past Monday. By Wednesday, as promised by the post office, it had arrived at it's destination and I got an email from {insert major knitting magazine} to let me know my submission was received. So, you know, woo for that. I probably won't know anything for awhile and it will most likely be a polite, "thanks but you suck." But, it's done and that's lovely.

In addition to that, I also finished up the second prototype of the hat based on said design submission. No photos because it's a prototype and submission but I did finish it.

WIPs (Works-In-Progress) - carried over year-to-year
1. Wink: started January 5, 2015
2. Caffe Macchiato Socks: started May 7, 2016
3. Corgi Hill Polwarth/Tussah blend (spinning): started July 21, 2016
4. Oh, She IS a Bad Nut: started August 11, 2016
5. Fall in San Francisco (prototype 3): started October 4, 2016
6. Unknown grey wool (spinning): started October 7, 2016

My Caffe Macchiato sock continues to grow. I'm about an inch or so away from starting my toe decreases. That's fabulous. I also worked a few rows on the Bad Nut shawl. It's difficult to do with small children around. In addition to that, I finished up the Polwarth/Tussah singles (meaning I finished up the second bobbin) and started an unknown fiber project. I know the fiber is wool and I know I got it around September 2011. It was washed but I picked out all the veg matter and I think I carded it...maybe I didn't. I don't know. Either way, I'm spinning it. It's....uh......not going as well as I had hoped. I'm trying it out and there's not a lot of it so I don't feel too bad if it winds up being a pile of wooly crap.

So, there's all that.

Also, another hat prototype (newborn size, in this case). No photos because it's a prototype again. Oh well.


Children's Items
1. George's Vest (for Stormageddon - probably the largest size; YOTH Little Brother from Stitches)
2. House Hat (one each for Stormageddon and Little Man - worsted, two contrasting colors)
3. Arthur the Alien (for Little Man - worsted; any colors)
4. Holiday Countdown Stockings (for the family - Aran/worsted; four colors)
5. Mirkwood (for Little Man - worsted or bulky; any colors)

Items for ME (selfish knitting, FTW!!)
1. Vanillaish Socks (using one of my Harry Potter Yarns)
2. Paradiddle Socks (using a solid or semi-solid sock yarn)
3. Hermione Hearts Ron (sport weight; solid or semi-solid - Plucky Primo in Petunia?)
4. Hermione Hearts Ron Fingerless Mitts (sport weight; solid or semi-solid - Plucky Primo in Petunia?)
5. Classic Silk Mayfaire Camisole (Miss Babs from Stitches Midwest)
6. Stormont (worsted; solid or semi-solid)
7. Sockhead Hat (sock; any colors)
8. Moab Shawl (sock; any colors)
9. Prowl (DK; solid or semi-solid) *need pattern*

Secret Sock Club Bags - Pick a bag at random; do pattern with yarn

Stranded Knitting

Christmas/Charity Bin
1. 198 yds. of Heaven (worsted; any colors)
2. Phillip and Mr. Grum (sock yarn; any colors)
3. Comfort Food (Aran; solid)
4. Fine Fella (worsted; solid or semi-solid)
5. November Leaves (Shelter from stash) *need pattern*
6. Skinner Hat (sock; solid or semi-solid) *need pattern*
7. The Shoemaker's Hat (bulky; solid or semi-solid) *need pattern*
8. Roll Out The Barrels (cotton; any colors)
9. Sweeny Todd Scarf (worsted; any colors)
10. The Snowmen Cometh (worsted; any colors)
11. Sunburst Dishcloth (cotton; any colors)
12. Starfish Cloth (cotton; any colors)
13. Seamless Circular Cloth (cotton; any colors)
14. Tombreck (Aran/worsted; solid or semi-solid)
15. Premie Spiral Hat (for hospital donations - sport or DK; any colors)

1. Ice Somethingsomething (knit prototype and pattern for submission)
2. Susan's Hat (make proper - photos, pattern, etc.; knit new prototype from Babs K2 from Stitches)
3. Little Man's Baby Blanket (make proper - photos, pattern, etc.)
4. Paradiddle Socks (knit prototype - see "Items for ME")
5. Pacific Waves Hat (knit prototypes in various weights/sizes, pattern for submission? self-publish?) *started*
6. Stormageddon's Baby Blanket (design process, knit prototype, etc.)

1. Given that TdF happened and I SPUN ALL THE YARNS, I think I'm going to take a break from spinning for a bit...Viktor needs a tune-up anyway. At least my parts have arrived.

Other (for things that are fibery/crafty in nature but not specific to knitting or spinning)
1. Organize my handmade stitch markers *mostly done?*
2. Make more stitch markers (to sell? donate? hoard?) *started...never-ending?*
3. Organize my books/magazines/loose patterns. *started*
4. Toss the stash (fiber & yarn). *started*

The seemingly never-ending saga of my washing machine continues. I had someone (new) over on Monday afternoon to look at it and he determined that the problem is that my machine has too much technology for it's own good because there is a soap buildup in the drum which is tricking the main computer into thinking there's enough water for the rinse cycle, when there's nothing, followed by sensors going off that water isn't coming into the drum for the rinse cycle...and then the code. So, we dumped a couple gallon buckets of super hot water into the drum, vinegar in the fabric softener & bleach sections on the dispenser, and let it go...and it's sort of behaving. It's not perfect, that's for damn sure. I'm also supposed to dilute the soap in the dispenser. I've had to re-do some loads because the sensor goes off but then I do it with vinegar in the dispenser and it's fine. So, there's that.

I've also started back at the gym this week. I went twice, in addition to walking to and from school twice a day. I had hoped to go a couple more times but we've had company this weekend, which means good food (pulled pork, NOLA in Palo Alto, etc.)......and no time at the gym. Oh well. It will all work out eventually.

On Tuesday, Husband and I had a much-coveted date night. We went to the Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco (Mission District) for a viewing of Idiocracy. It was in theaters (Alamo Cinemas only) for one night for it's 10 year anniversary. After the movie, there was a Q&A livestream (from Los Angeles) with Mike Judge (creator/writer), Maya Rudolph (Rita) and Terry Crews (President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho). We didn't stay for the whole Q&A but we stayed for part of it.

I didn't take many photos but these two stood out. The hallway is lined with old movie posters and Freaky Friday was one of my favorite movies. I liked the remake that was done in the mid-90s (with Shelley Long & Gabby Hoffman) but there's something to be said about the original. 

I also caught this one inside the theater. It's a gorgeous theater.

On Thursday morning, we had some "excitement" in our house. I was just getting out of the shower and I could hear Little Man screaming his fool head off about something. By the time I got in there, he was no longer screaming but he was going on and on about a "huge rat" he saw and was absolutely terrified. Husband had to open the door and he saw nothing...but that doesn't mean Little Man was wrong. My guess is that it was a little brown field mouse that squeezed between the door crack and out when Husband opened the door. Puppy didn't find it and we've not seen evidence otherwise (poop, dead animal, holes, etc.), if there was one, it's most likely not in the house now.

Other than that, the work week was pretty benign. Yesterday, however, we had some fun. Husband has a friend and her husband in town for a conference and they've been staying with us since Friday. Yesterday we went to Portola Redwoods State Park, which is near La Honda. In terms of mileage, it's not that far away...but the roads on the mountain are narrow and windy. Add bicyclists to the mix and it took quite awhile to get there. But, we got there, the weather was much cooler, and the trees were fabulous.

No, these are not the redwood trees that you can drive through but they're still pretty big. Also, in case you can't tell from these photos, there are signs of fire damage. I've not been able to determine how recent the fire damage occurred but if you rub on it, you still get some evidence of soot. Based on the ground cover, it's been at least five years, though most likely longer.

There were some trees that had been partially hollowed out by fire and you could actually stand in the space.

Keep in mind that Husband is about 76" tall (approximately 6'4")...and he's standing in one of the hollowed out spaces from fire damage.

Little Man declared himself king of the (very small) mountain.

And then he stood in front of one of the HUGE redwoods.

Yes, we are standing in front of the same redwood. That tree was HUGE.

Stormageddon wanted to take a selfie, of course.

We also visited a bunch of the major tech companies. We went to the Company Store at 1 Infinite Loop (Apple), we stopped off at Google, and, of course, we swung by Symantec.

When we got home, we had pulled pork for dinner and a few people passed out watching a movie about Silicon Valley.

Oh well.

Let's end with a rainbow. We had a dusting of "rain" this past week...and a rainbow actually appeared.

I hope your'e having a lovely week :) 


  1. Little Man's mouse experience made me remember my dog's back in the day. Oh boy. What fun you've been having. I'm glad the redwoods are still strong after fire damage.

  2. Replying to your comment: That is one funky swap you participated in! To send off somewhat random items to someone is really trippy.

  3. Those trees are amazing. I thought we had big trees here on the 'wet' coast, but wow - I am humbled.

  4. Good luck with the submission to the magazine!!!! Yay for date night!!! I need a date night! lol That's great about the gym and walking!!!!

  5. Congrats on getting back to the gym and walking each day. I love seeing all the trees. Don't you wish they could talk? I bet they have some stories. Got my fingers crossed for your pattern submission. Even if they think it sucks, you should be proud of designing!

  6. It sounds like you had a really good week. I love the pictures of the Redwoods! I need to get me into some woods!!! Especially with the colors that will soon be upon us. I hope to hear your pattern is chosen for publication. But regardless of what happens, I agree that you should feel really good about submitting a pattern. I admire the ability to write a pattern and the courage to submit it. :)