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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

WIP Wednes........crap.

Happy Wednesday!

I had every intention of partaking in a proper WIP Wednesday this week. I was going to photograph projects on Monday, write yesterday, and get everything ready to post.

And then Sunday afternoon & evening happened.

This is Little Man. That his an ER bed (or A&E, for my non-USian friends). If you read my Year of Projects update, you already know that he got sick on Friday night/Saturday morning and it continued through Saturday and into Sunday. He was spiking nasty fevers (102º+F, which is about 48.9ºC), throwing up, having issues at the other end, not eating, not drinking, severe dehydration.....yeah, the decision was made to haul him in around 5pm on Sunday. I went with him, of course, because Husband can't handle needles and such.

This would have been fine and dandy if I hadn't started throwing up prior to getting to the hospital. Yuuuuuuuup. Turns out I came down with the stomach bug as well. So, in addition to Little Man being hooked up to an IV, I was also hooked up to one (that I had to take with me when I went to the bathroom every 10 minutes). The decision was made to admit him around 9:30pm and by 10pm, we were just getting to his room on the 4th floor when I got a call from Husband: Stormageddon's throwing up everywhere.

Guess who else wound up getting an IV on Sunday night?

And I sat with him. By then, I was off my own IV but I started feeling like crap. Husband drove us back home, then went back to the hospital (we left around 2am to come home).

Little Man came home yesterday afternoon. He had a rough couple of days. His IV blew on Monday, he had a botched blood draw (three times), the IV needed to be moved (after he was sedated because he would not cooperate - he's 6, I expected that), and then someone was incapable of reading and hung the wrong bag for the IV (he was supposed to be getting a D10 bag and higher salinity bag because his sodium was low). So, it was not a pleasant experience, of course. Husband stayed at the hospital with him and I was home with Stormageddon.

So, while I had every intention of a proper WIP Wednesday post, it just didn't happen.

After Little Man got home, Husband and Stormageddon crashed in the chair in the living room while he and I were in the back room.

Remember when I said he had a botched blood draw? Well, in order to get him to cooperate, Husband basically bribed him: he ordered him the Lego Ghostbusters car (the new 2016 movie version - I have the original one and he's been after us for the new one for awhile now). So, while Husband and Stormageddon were napping in the chair, Little Man and I were in the back room putting the Lego set together (he's on the 3rd bag, of 4, and has done most of it himself).

But, today is Wednesday and he's still home from school. ::sigh:: Hopefully tomorrow he can go back. Now he's got my barking cough again.

In the meantime, I've worked a little bit on the following: the Pikachu Hat (I'm almost to the crown decreases) and the Trusty Hat (I'm on the 5th pattern repeat...I think...maybe the end of the 4th...don't remember right now).

I hope you're having a much better Wednesday!


  1. I was totally shocked to see that pic on IG. Poor baby and poor you. How exhausting for you all. Y'all need a vacation.

  2. Oh no!!! What a tough week, I feel so badly for you guys! We had a similar virus do the round in my family last month, but it wasn't as severe as yours. Fingers crossed that this is the last of the winter bugs headed for your house! I've heard of so many people getting really sick this winter, far more than usual. Must be some really bad viruses making the rounds.