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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Stash Enhancement 2017: Well okay then.....

Happy Saturday!

For total transparency, I'm keeping up with any and all stash enhancements in 2017. In the lovely month of May April, only two skeins of yarn came home. That's pretty good for me. The other good thing is that I wasn't tempted either. Well, I take that back...I was tempted by yarn for dyeing purposes (double stranded sock blanks, specifically)....but nothing has come home yet. I've got the Etsy seller on my Favorites list so I can find it again.

Anyway, new acquisitions:

Yarn: RiverKnits Yarn BFL Sock (Etsy Shop) in her April 2017 colorway of the month: Doom & Bloom

Because she's in the UK, she works in meters instead of yards...which is why it's an odd yardage (437.4 yds) but the meters make sense (400 m). A bunch of us in the monthly threads of LSG have decided on an ongoing RiverKnits-along. A few have skeins of her Starry Night colorway in various bases and she showed us this one at the beginning of the month and a bunch of us commented that we wanted she made it a limited edition colorway for April. Now I just need to wind it and find an appropriate pattern.....or make one up.....

Yarn: Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock in Mockingjay

Carrie was destashing on Instagram again and I have a growing collection of Hunger Games items. This was in one of the lots and two of us agreed that we only wanted a skein each from the lot and she sold them to us separately. It was lovely. So, this came home with me and is now in my yarn closet, not exactly hidden....I'm hoping that having it sitting out will encourage me to wind it up and start knitting. It's probably not going to happen but I can dream, right?

So, that's seriously all I have for stash enhancements. I did cake up the hand dyed Knit Picks (the one that was all cattywumpus when I went to wind it and I did it by hand instead). So, closer to starting something with that? Probably not.

I'll be back tomorrow with my Year of Projects update :)

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  1. These are fun acquisitions. The first is adventurous in color.