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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Stash Enhancement 2017: Late Night Shopping

Happy Saturday!

I'm hoping to keep this one short and sweet. I've had two skeins of yarn come in for dyeing purposes. I haven't even photographed them or entered them into my RavStash but I do have them. They went straight into the "dyeing" bag.

Aside from that, I had one more skein come in (on Wednesday). So, here's what happened. I follow SkeinCocaine on Instagram, who owns Wool Workshop. Twice a week, she does Instagram "live" sales where she posts a photo, gives the yarn info, prices, and how many skeins she has. You can comment with "sold" and you send her your information. I've bought from her before, though lately I've just been trying to look at the pretty and not buy the pretty.

I failed.

In my defense, it was late, I was tired, and it needed a home.....

Yes, my photo is upside down. I don't care. This is a skein of Sea Turtle Fiber Arts Ridley Sock in It's a Pokémon Thing. It's a yarn I was not familiar with (actually, I had not heard of it at all until she posted and one of the other ones caught my eye....and a lot of others' eyes, as well, because it was sold out and then some). So, in my late-night viewings.....yeah, it came home.

But that's it, I swear! And now back to your regularly scheduled Saturday business :)

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  1. I follow her too, but have not succumbed yet to the yummy yarn she posts....