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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Year SIX: Self-Imposed Year of Projects - Update #46

Happy Sunday!

We all know why we're here so let's get going :)

Finished Objects (FOs):
1. Pussy Hat: started January 10, 2017; finished January 16, 2017
2. Hermione's Everyday Socks (v2): started November 14, 2016; finished January 28, 2017
3. Frene Creek Farm Corriedale (spinning): started October 12, 2016; finished January 16, 2017
4. Pikachu Hat: started February 3, 2017; finished February 10, 2017
5. Trusty (v2): started December 22, 2016; finished February 24, 2017
6. Pussy Hat: started February 13, 2017; finished February 27, 2017
7. Pussy Hat: started March 2, 2017; finished March 8, 2017
8. Pussy Hat: started March 9, 2017; finished March 21, 2017
9. Pussy Hat: started March 21, 2017; finished March 30, 2017
10. FlockSock Yarn #1: started April 5, 2017; finished April 5, 2017
11. FlockSock Yarn #2: started April 5, 2017; finished April 5, 2017
12. #initiateknitdesign challenge from ArohaKnits: started April 3, 2017; finished April 11, 2017
13. Knit Picks Bare Palette Fingering: started April 9, 2017; finished April 9, 2017
14. Malabrigo Rios: started April 9, 2017; finished April 9, 2017
15. Nashua Creative Focus Superwash: started April 9, 2017; finished April 9, 2017
16. Pussy Hat: started April 13, 2017; finished April 30, 2017
17. Pussy Hat: started April 30, 2017; finished May 13, 2017
18. Messed Up Moss: started January 4, 2017; finished May 17, 2017
19. Pussy Hat: started May 19. 2017; finished May 23, 2017
20. Pussy Hat: started May 24, 2017; finished May 26, 2017
21. Baby Pussy Hat: started May 26, 2017; finished May 26, 2017
22. Pussy Hat: started May 26, 2017; finished May 26, 2017
23. Bugga Bare (2 matching): started June 3, 2017; finished June 4, 2017
24. Bugga Bare: started June 3, 2017; finished June 4, 2017
25. Bugga Bare: started June 3, 2017; finished June 4, 2017
26. Malabrigo Twist: started June 3, 2017; finished June 4, 2017
27. Malabrigo Twist: started June 3, 2017; finished June 4, 2017
23. Vanilla Socks: started March 30, 2017; finished June 8, 2017
24. Stormageddon's Vest: started October 17 2016; finished June 9, 2017
25. BMFA Handpainted Roving: started March 23, 2017; finished June 23, 2017
26: Malabrigo Sock: started July 3, 2017; finished July 4, 2017
27. Malabrigo Sock: started July 3, 2017; finished July 4, 2017
28. Sanguine Gryphon Traveller: started July 3, 2017; finished July 4, 2017
29. Sanguine Gryphon Traveller: started July 3, 2017; finished July 4, 2017
30. Bonbon for Miss C: started June 24, 2017; finished July 6, 2017
31. Sandy's Palette Merino/Silk Roving: started July 1, 2017; finished July 7, 2017
32. Sandy's Palette Merino/Silk Roving: started July 2, 2017; finished July 10, 2017
33. Miss Babs BFL: started July 11, 2017; finished July 21, 2017
34. Yarn Dyeing Adventures: started August 6, 2017; finished August 6, 2017
35. Unnamed Hat: started August 14, 2017; finished August 24, 2017
36. Veggie Socks: started July 6, 2017; finished September 8, 2017
37. Wasabi for Mr. K: started September 17, 2017; finished September 25, 2017
*38. Twilight Socks (from blanks): started June 8, 2017; frogged September 26, 2017
39. Baby Hat Prototype: started October 23, 2017; finished October 31, 2017

There hasn't been anything new finished. I'm still undecided about the pompom on the hat but I might include it for the actual pattern. I don't know. I'll get around to it someday. For now, no pompom and both boys have tried to claim it. ::sigh:: 

Works-in-Progress (WIPs):
1. Wink: started January 5, 2015
2. Oh, She IS a Bad Nut: started August 11, 2016
3. Fall in San Francisco (prototype 3): started October 4, 2016
4. Smooth Operator Socks: started October 13, 2016
5. Morvarch Aardvark: started January 1, 2017
6. Stomping Grounds collection: started February 26, 2017 (no project page)
7. Hat Design: started March 20, 2017
8. Vanillaish Rainbow Socks: started June 1, 2017
9. Garter Stitch Baby Blanket: started July 6, 2017
10. New Hat Design (for the unnamed hat in the FO section): started August 14, 2016
11. Neck-Down Base Shawl: started September 10, 2017
12. Shetland Neck Wool on Support Spindle: started September 8, 2017
13. Boo-Yah: started September 25, 2017
14. Gamer Bag: started September 28, 2017
15. Paradiddle Prototype: started October 19, 2017

With my friend here in town, I've admittedly not done a whole lot of knitting. I've worked some rows on the Neck-Down Base Shawl, the Garter Stitch Baby Blanket, and the Vanillaish Rainbow Socks. Other than that, I've not done any knitting. 

This is the shawl (I took the photo last Tuesday during a swimming lesson make-up). Yes, it really is that purple. And I'm crazy because I'm using US #1 needles. I probably should be using at least US #3s but I had the #1s so I went with it. And I'm not about to frog it now. 

I'm hoping to get back to some of the other projects soon but they're all longer term projects so I'm having difficulty picking themup. ::sigh:: Oh well. I'll finish them or frog them before I'm dead, right?

The only other fiber-related thing I did this week was I sent off the remaining part of of the merino fleece and the alpaca fleece to the processing place where my Lambtown fleece was just finished. I tried it, it wasn't the most fun I've ever had, so I'm having it done by professionals :) 


Children's Items:
1. Stuffed toy for Miss E (SIL's adopted daughter)
2. Stuffed toy for TAZ (brother's daughter)
3. Undetermined hat for Little Man
4. Undetermined hat for Stormageddon
5. Mittens for Little Man
6. Mittens for Stormageddon

Items for ME (selfish knitting FTW!):
1. Park Slope (fingering, specifically Mountain Colors Crazy Foot)
2. Worsted weight house socks (worsted, of course - maybe something like Lumberjack)
4. Evangeline (worsted; solid or semi-solid)
5. Lichen (Aran or Sport/DK; solid or semi-solid)
6. Moyen Age (fingering; one of my Vice Yarns? Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20?)
7. Ginny's Cardigan (DK; solid or semi-solid)
8. Drip Drip Drop (sock; solid or semi-solid)
9. Celtic Myths (worsted; solid)
10. Jag in Garter Stitch (DK; 2 colors)
11. Cobh (fingering; 2 colors)
12. Offhand Lace (bulky; solid or semi-solid)
13. Whitman (DK; any color)
14. Flax (worsted; any color - Misti Alpaca Harry Potter-esque one?)
15. Hoar Frost (Wollmeise that's wound in the bag)

Christmas/Charity Bin:

1. 198 Yds of Heaven (worsted; solid)
2. Comfort Food (Aran; solid)
3. Tombreck (worsted; solid or semi-solid)
4. Premie Spiral Hat (DK; any color)
5. Pumpkins & a Pattern (any weight, any color - gauge doesn't matter)


1. Susan's Hat *started* - need new prototype & write pattern
2. Little Man's Baby Blanket *started* - write pattern
3. Paradiddle Socks  *started* - need prototype & write pattern
4. Pacific Waves Hat *started* - need another prototype & write pattern
5. Fall in San Francisco *started* - need another prototype & write pattern
6. Stormageddon's Baby Blanket - need prototype & write pattern
7. Cabled pullover (grey look-alike sweater) - need sketch, grading, swatch, prototype, & write pattern
8. Christmas stocking for Little Man - need charts, prototype, & write pattern (maybe)
9. Christmas stocking for Stormageddon - need charts, prototype, & write pattern (maybe)
10. Christmas stocking for Husband - need charts, prototype, & write pattern (maybe)
11. Stomping Grounds collection (everything: charts, prototypes, swatches, etc.) *started*
2. Something from the stash...

1. Stitch markers
2. Make sure my vintage patterns are in Ravelry (Workbasket magazines, leaflets, etc.)

Life here in California has been up down and all around this week. My friend from college is here and we've been doing.....well, honestly, we haven't done a whole lot. She's been here often enough that there are things we don't need to do because we've done them (Golden Gate Bridge, for example) so we're just going about our normal routines and that works for us. 

Little Man's birthday was this week and he turned seven years old on me. Seriously. He turned SEVEN this week. 

On his last day of being six years old, however, he did this little number:

You may notice that he has a chunk of hair missing. Yeah, at almost seven years old, he finally cut a chunk of his hair. I don't think he's going to be doing it again. It blends in pretty well but it is definitely still there. 

In other random events, Stormageddon seems to have croup. ::sigh:: He's coughing and congested and his fever is going up and down and all around. 

We moved his crib mattress into our bedroom and he's been sleeping on that, which has been better for all of us. We're all getting some sleep. The first night, he kept waking up and leaving our bedroom. I think he thought he was in his room. It was hilarious and annoying. Silly boy. He stopped doing that on Friday night, which helped. 

Soooooo, here's something that happened this week. It's difficult to see but the tv remote has been tied to the side table. We're sick of losing the damn thing. Actually, we're sick of the boys losing the damn thing, specifically Stormageddon. So, Husband tied the remote to the table. Stormageddon is not thrilled about it. He's tried dragging it through the house and it's not gone well. 

My boys are silly. Obviously this is a photo of Little Man before he cut his hair off. Part of me still cannot believe he cut his own hair. ::sigh::

We took Stormageddon to the mall because he was being a typical toddler...and they had Christmas decorations up. Yeah, Christmas. It's not even Thanksgiving yet.

Outside of that, Stormageddon spent some time in our bed earlier this week and Little Man's birthday, happened. He got the BB8 Lego kit (and a few other things including bird houses) and the adults in the house have helped him put it together. It's a really cool piece. I think everyone's favorite is the fact that the lighter comes out for a "thumbs up." 

In other random events, we went to a couple of wineries yesterday. We went to the Thomas Fogarty Winery, where I did not partake in tasting, and the Mountain Winery, where I did partake in tasting. The road to Thomas Fogarty was a bit.....switchback. It was a winding road, I was in the back seat, and I get car sick. So, that was not fun....hence no wine at TF. By the time we got to Mountain Winery, my stomach had calmed down and I was able to partake in tasting. After all that, we stopped at a local brewery, picked up some steak, and called it good.

This is one of the views from TF. I had to take my phone away from Stormageddon to take this photo...

He was clearly unhappy about it.

I took a panorama. It's not the best photo but it's still fun to look at.

I have no idea what kind of flowers these are but I liked the color :)

Mountain Winery has a theater/state and they have some pretty large-scale concerts. There have been a few that I've thought about going to...and now that I know where it is, I might have to do that.

I have no idea if this is in use (probably not) but it's huge and fun to look at.

It's on the California Historic Register.

Stormageddon was chasing Husband but his pants were busy falling down. Poor kid. 

Anyway, I hope you've had a lovely weekend :)


  1. I love the purple of that shawl and I also like you idea of getting a professional to process the fleece. I am going to look into that locally. Thanks for the tip.

  2. The purple of the shawl is fabulous, I'm knitting a sweater that is almost as bright.

  3. The purple yarn in your shawl looks gorgeous. How come you're frogging it? Not that you can't. I just think it's so purdy!! Great pictures all around. Gorgeous clouds in the winery visit pics.

  4. Seven? Where did those years go? I can't believe he cut his hair either as that is something they usually do when younger? It was probably on his bucket list for childhood and felt he needed to get it done before he turned the BIG 7!LOL! Happy Birthday Little Man!!!
    I love the purple shawl...gorgeous yarn you chose! The wineries are beautiful with the scenery around them. Glad you got to enjoy your friend's visit and who would expect you to get any knitting done with company, a sick child and a birthday! Enjoy your week!