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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Stash Enhancement: Before the Year Gets Away...

Happy Saturday! It appears that I've not done a proper stash enhancement acquisition type post since I came back from Lambtown and that was in October.

Now, I would love to tell you that I've not had any yarn come in at all since then.

Of course, I would be lying. And for the sake of transparency, I'm going to disclose the last few month's acquisitions.

Since my last post, a few things have come in, and not all of them were fibery....but they are all related to my fibery endeavors so I think it counts. These aren't going to be in in any sort of chronological order but I do try to group things. Also, it's a photo-heavy post :)

I picked this up from Erin Lane Bags. Yes, you read that correctly. She's had some extras of some of the yarns and bags from some of her clubs so she threw them up on Facebook and we could claim them (sort of like a Facebook Live sale, without the video part). So, these came to my house. This is five mini skeins, a Safronie Fairy Tales gradient pack. The colors included are Denim, Egregious, Total Teal, In the Pink, and Natural. Each mini is approximately 76 yds, so I have about 380 yds total.

I also picked up a skein of Holiday Yarns Super Sheep DK from Erin Lane Bags. The colorway is Shire and I believe it was from her Middle Earth Club. It has about 260 yds. I have no idea what it wants to be when it grows up. For now, it's just mine.

Over on the "winning" side of things, I won this skein of yarn over in the LSG Monthly Thread in September. It's a skein of Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat in Tulip Roots and is about 520 yds of fingering weight yarn. The person I won it from also sent some stitch markers along :)

But wait, that's not all! I won yarn last month, again in the LSG Monthly Thread. These are two skeins of Cutthroat Yarn Laceweight in Purple People Eater. It wants to be a shawl when it grows up because it's about 1750 yds total.

I'm apparently good at winning over in that thread. I also won a cowl someone else had made (it needs a wash and block, however, because she has cats and I had it on for about five minutes before my allergies kicked it - it's gorgeous and I will wear it a lot after it's been washed/blocked again).

This yarn is interesting. I got this in the annual Claudio Sanchez Swap in the LSG group on Ravelry. I know the three on the right are handspun merino (according to the sender). The two on the right are two-ply and the other one is single. The lighter green is handspun wool (probably Corriedale) that was dyed with Kool-Aid. None of these are listed in my stash on Ravelry because I'm unsure of weight and yardage. But, I know I have them.

Toward the end of October, I caught a little something on Instagram. Valkyrie Fibers (which is somewhat local - she's in the Tahoe area) was having a Rocky Horror Picture Show special colorway club and I managed to snag the very last one.

These are all on her Matte Sock base. The top one is Frank's Laboratory and is inspired by Tim Curry:

She also included two minis. The red is called Sonic Oscillator and the sparkly purple is Frank's Lingerie. She also included a pear stitch marker (because, as you can see in the above photo, Doctor Frank-N-Furter is wearing a string of pearls).

Outside of those, I only made three other yarn purchases:

Ever since Artfibers closed in San Francisco, I've been scooping up some of the bases that I like when I see them come up here and there. I don't check super often but I check once in awhile. These came up in the Artfibers group on Ravelry and they came home. They're all partials of various lots. I'm pretty sure the bottom right is their Anime base, for which I have a liking. I think the two white ones are a cotton base or cotton polyester blend. I'm not even sure what the bases are, honestly. I just like them so they came to live with me.

I also contacted River's Edge Fiber Arts about the one skein of purple yarn I won at the auction at Wisconsin Sheep & Wool, asking if she had a couple more on hand. She said she was en route to another festival but when she unpacked, she'd pull them and send them my way. So, these two arrived in October sometime.

In November, one of my bestestest friends from college was here for about a week or so and we went to ImagiKnit in San Francisco. I had not been there since we moved to California 5.5 years ago. It was time to go again. So, we made the trek into the city (not that it's all that far) and these two skeins of yarn came home. They're from Apple Tree Knits and the base is Plush Fingering Gradient. They're both rainbows (not that you can see the second one) but one goes from red to purple and the other goes from purple to red. The colorway is called Chakra Gradient.

And, truthfully, that was all that came home that was yarn....well, mostly....

I came home with these three little kits. The yarn, any "extras" (stuffing), and a pattern are included. The yarn is actually embroidery floss, which is fine. I just need to find the needles (US #1, if I'm remembering correctly).

I also found this otter view bag. The inside has lily pads. I couldn't resist. I have a gazillion project bags but I wanted this one, too. I think this is my only bag with a view window.

I also came home with a new bottle of Eucalan and two books. The Cable Left/Cable Right book goes well with my Cast On/Bind Off and Increase/Decrease books by the same author. The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques has been on my radar for a bit and I finally just bought it.

But wait, that's still not the end of it....

I can't remember if I've shown these or not. I bought the fabric from Spoonflower well over a year ago, back when Erin Lane Bags was doing custom work. Life got in the way and like eight or nine months after I had purchased the fabric (and washed/pressed it), I found it. By then, the custom bag option was nowhere to be found on the website. A quick email to Lindsey and I shipped my fabric off. A few months later (because she was in the middle of festivals and such), I had my three lovely, Hunger Games inspired project bags. The top two are sweater bags and the bottom is a two-fer.

.......and then I fell into one of the Erin Lane Bags Facebook Live sales and may or may not have spent too much money. I picked up two dice bags (the Star Wars and Snoopy Red Barron bags) and two of the sock bags (Fantastic Beasts and Nightmare Before Christmas). I also found this in my package. I've seen them in her booth and I cannot find them on the website. I believe it's a lanyard keychain (not the kind you wear around your neck). I'm a fan.

But that's it, I swear!


  1. Very nice! I have so much stash to update, haven't doen it since before Rhinebeck!

  2. Whoa, so many amazing new things!! Love the tiny animal kits, and Eucalan- that's my favourite wool wash. Looks like you will have plenty to keep you busy over the holiday break - enjoy!