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Monday, April 27, 2020

Year NINE: Self-Imposed Year of Projects - I am rocking on this Monday (Update #17)

Yes, I am a day late. Again. But we are rocking this Monday morning so I'm just going to go with it!

FOs (Finished Objects):

1. Ewetopia Stripey Socks: started 15 November 2018; finished 29 January 2020
2. Tiny Turtle: started 7 November 2019; finished 30 January 2020
3. Mirkwood: started 9 February 2020; finished 17 February 2020
4. Campfire Socks: started 17 October 2018; frogged 9 April 2020

Nope. Nothing new to see here. Move along now...

WIPs (Works-in-Progress) (These are carried over year to year if needed):
1. Wink: started 5 January 2015
2. Shetland Neck Wool (support spindle): started 8 September 2017
3. Returning: started 14 January 2018
4. Faerie Mountain Fibers Crazy Batt (EEW Mini): started 13 April 2018
5. Granny Square Blanket: started 28 April 2018
6. UW Ski Hat: started 11 July 2018
7. Abracadabra Socks: started 7 August 2018
8. Purl & Loop Weaving Project: started 28 August 2018
9. Herbivore: started 15 November 2018
10. Multi-Colored Merino Top (Viktor): started 16 January 2019
11. Prototype Something Something Raindrops: started 11 April 2019
12. Sockhead: started 8 January 2020
13. Baby Yoda: started 14 March 2020

Last week was another week of not a lot of knitting. The boys started Phase II of Distance Learning so a few things were happening to get us back on track for school-type things, which meant that not a lot of knitting was happening. I did manage a few rounds on my Abracadabra Socks but that was it. And I still haven't ordered new US#13 DPNs  yet. ::sigh:: I should do that soon. I've not had much luck at LYS-type places so I think I'm going to have to go through Webs, which is fine. I like Webs, too, but I thought if I could help something more local....yeah. 

So, that's where I'm sitting with that right now, which isn't terrible but I really wish I spent more time knitting this past week. 


Design WIPs:

1. Messed Up Moss: started March 2009 - write pattern as PDF (iterations: firstsecond)
2. Susan's Hat: started 31 August 2010 - need new prototypes & write the pattern (iterations: firstsecondthirdminififthsixth)
3. Little Man's Baby Blanket: started July 2010 - need new prototype & write pattern (iteration: here)
4. Chunky Scarf: started 6 October 2012 - need new prototype & write pattern (iteration: here)
5. Pacific Waves Hat: started 9 March 2016 - need new prototype & write the pattern (iterations: firstsecondthird)
6. Fall in San Francisco: started 18 September 2016 - need new prototype & write pattern (iterations: firstsecond)
7. Stomping Grounds Collection: started 26 February 2017 - need prototypes & write patterns 
8. Unnamed Hat Design: started 14 August 2017 - need various weight yarn prototypes & write pattern (iterations: firstsecond)
9. Rastarmulke: started 20 November 2017 - write pattern (iterations: firstsecond)
10. Paradiddle Socks: started 19 October 2017 - write pattern (iteration: here)

Children's Items:

1. Oliver for Stormageddon (worsted weight - Stunning String Studio from Stitches West 2018)
2. Minecraft Socks for Little Man (fingering weight - Tosh Sock in Plaid Blanket?)
3. Honey Badger: (worsted weight - black & white acrylic I have banging around the stash)*
4. Mittens for Stormageddon (worsted weight probably)
5. I Love Stockinette Baby Bibs (worsted - cotton, acrylic, something)

Items for ME (Selfish Knitting FTW!):

1. Autopilot (worsted weight - Sincere Sheep Cormo Worsted or htNEVELE Worsted in Reveire)
2. Rose's Wrist Warmers (DK weight - using Aran instead; hand-dyed Malabrigo Twist?)
3. Perianth (fingering weight - Knitcircus Trampoline in The Whole Enchilada)
4. Pembroke Scarf (fingering weight - Fresh From the Cauldron Schoodic Sock in Sookie)
5. Flax (worsted weight - Misty Alpaca in the Harry Potter colors)
6. Park Slope (fingering weight - Mountain Fibers Crazyfoot in Shamrock)
7. Socks (fingering weight - I have tons...pick something!)
8. Washcloths/chewcloths (worsted weight - cotton)
9. Sockhead (fingering - I have tons...pick something!)
10. Age of Brass & Steam (Handspun purple/white barber pole)


1. Christmas Stocking for Husband
2. Christmas Stocking for Little Man
3. Christmas Stocking for Stormageddon
4. Baby Blanket


1. Wonderland Dyeworks BFL
2. Mixed BFL
3. Allons-Y Fiber Arts Merino, Trilobal Nylon, Silk
4. Alpaca (from Lambtown 2014)
5. 100% Bamboo 


1. Sock Blanks
2. Anything else I find along the way

Other Fibery Endeavors:

1. Create project bag inventory
2. Update library inventory (on Ravelry)
3. Update stash inventory (on Ravelry)
4. Stitch markers
5. Destash as necessary
6. Stash Fit

As I mentioned above, the boys started Phase II of Distance Learning last week, specifically Wednesday, but not really until today. It was such a short week last week that the teachers just did an introduction for how things would be working, which was fine with everyone in our house. 

With that comes new changes at home, as well. Before, I was trying to work while the boys were working...and that was not working out well. I was getting some work done but I was constantly fighting an uphill battle with both boys to do their work. I've decided I'm going to be present in the mornings and work with them and then do my own work in the afternoons (when I can - that isn't always going to be possible). So, we'll see how that goes. If it keeps the boys on task, particularly Little Man, then it'll be fine. 

Aside from that, not much else is happening around here. I mean, really, what else could be happening? It's not like we can go places or see people. We have been doing some FaceTime with friends and the boys have been playing outside but, really, what else can we do? We have some plants growing and trying to grow, we've done some yard work, we did some sprinkler rearrangement, some bushes are getting cut down, we are trying to keep on top of keeping the house clean (things like vacuuming, washing windows, and dusting, as well as the boys' rooms)'s all very boring, really. 

I have friends that are managing to do all sorts of things with their families and I'm over here just nodding, thinking, "damn, good for them," while I sip my wine or something. 

We did spend some time outside last week. The weather was nice so I set up shop outside to work while the boys played. Someone (Husband) blew up a balloon for the boys and Little Man drew a face on it. It popped later that day but that's fine.

Puppy could also be found lazing about. He plopped down on the deck next to me while I was working. He wasn't even tempted by the animals crossing the wires in the backyard, for once.

I also took a somewhat decent photo of the boys that day.

As you can see, Little Man was in desperate need of a, Mom's Salon opened over the weekend. I can do hairdye and I can do buzz cuts. 

I'm pretty sure he hates it but it's not bad. He wouldn't let me dye it, though. Oh well.

We also wound up buying a new grill over the weekend. Ours was dying a slow death, the knobs were being stubborn, the grates were falling apart, etc., so Husband and I ran to Home Depot. They tried to tell us we couldn't buy one of the (several) assembled ones on the floor. Ha. Hahaha! That's exactly what they're for. So, we found the one we wanted, dragged it up front, the checker didn't even flinch about it, and that was that. 

And so ends another week of Shelter-In-Place. Don't count on me getting myself together for next week...though a miracle could happen, I suppose. 

I hope you had a lovely week and weekend!

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