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Monday, May 18, 2020

Year NINE: Self-Imposed Year of Projects - Quarantine, Day 95,728 (Update #20)

Happy Monday! I'm definitely late for my update. I've been confused about days for a week now and I think I'm finally back on track. Maybe. We'll see how things go. 

FOs (Finished Objects):
1. Ewetopia Stripey Socks: started 15 November 2018; finished 29 January 2020
2. Tiny Turtle: started 7 November 2019; finished 30 January 2020
3. Mirkwood: started 9 February 2020; finished 17 February 2020
4. Campfire Socks: started 17 October 2018; frogged 9 April 2020

Nope. Nothing new yet. So close.....

WIPs (Works-in-Progress) (These are carried over year to year if needed):
1. Wink: started 5 January 2015
2. Shetland Neck Wool (support spindle): started 8 September 2017
3. Returning: started 14 January 2018
4. Faerie Mountain Fibers Crazy Batt (EEW Mini): started 13 April 2018
5. Granny Square Blanket: started 28 April 2018
6. UW Ski Hat: started 11 July 2018
7. Abracadabra Socks: started 7 August 2018
8. Purl & Loop Weaving Project: started 28 August 2018
9. Herbivore: started 15 November 2018
10. Multi-Colored Merino Top (Viktor): started 16 January 2019
11. Prototype Something Something Raindrops: started 11 April 2019
12. Sockhead: started 8 January 2020
13. Baby Yoda: started 14 March 2020

It was a slow week for knitting. I only worked on one project: the Baby Yoda sweater. I've attached the sleeves and I'm working on the last little bit of the collar. I have maybe 7 rows left. Maybe. If I sit and do it, I could probably finish the knitting tonight. I don't think that's going to happen but I can dream, right? 

I did not touch anything else. Maybe this week?


Design WIPs:

1. Messed Up Moss: started March 2009 - write pattern as PDF (iterations: firstsecond)
2. Susan's Hat: started 31 August 2010 - need new prototypes & write the pattern (iterations: firstsecondthirdminififthsixth)
3. Little Man's Baby Blanket: started July 2010 - need new prototype & write pattern (iteration: here)
4. Chunky Scarf: started 6 October 2012 - need new prototype & write pattern (iteration: here)
5. Pacific Waves Hat: started 9 March 2016 - need new prototype & write the pattern (iterations: firstsecondthird)
6. Fall in San Francisco: started 18 September 2016 - need new prototype & write pattern (iterations: firstsecond)
7. Stomping Grounds Collection: started 26 February 2017 - need prototypes & write patterns 
8. Unnamed Hat Design: started 14 August 2017 - need various weight yarn prototypes & write pattern (iterations: firstsecond)
9. Rastarmulke: started 20 November 2017 - write pattern (iterations: firstsecond)
10. Paradiddle Socks: started 19 October 2017 - write pattern (iteration: here)

Children's Items:

1. Oliver for Stormageddon (worsted weight - Stunning String Studio from Stitches West 2018)
2. Minecraft Socks for Little Man (fingering weight - Tosh Sock in Plaid Blanket?)
3. Honey Badger: (worsted weight - black & white acrylic I have banging around the stash)*
4. Mittens for Stormageddon (worsted weight probably)
5. I Love Stockinette Baby Bibs (worsted - cotton, acrylic, something)

Items for ME (Selfish Knitting FTW!):
1. Autopilot (worsted weight - Sincere Sheep Cormo Worsted or htNEVELE Worsted in Reveire)
2. Rose's Wrist Warmers (DK weight - using Aran instead; hand-dyed Malabrigo Twist?)
3. Perianth (fingering weight - Knitcircus Trampoline in The Whole Enchilada)
4. Pembroke Scarf (fingering weight - Fresh From the Cauldron Schoodic Sock in Sookie)
5. Flax (worsted weight - Misty Alpaca in the Harry Potter colors)
6. Park Slope (fingering weight - Mountain Fibers Crazyfoot in Shamrock)
7. Socks (fingering weight - I have tons...pick something!)
8. Washcloths/chewcloths (worsted weight - cotton)
9. Sockhead (fingering - I have tons...pick something!)

1. Christmas Stocking for Husband
2. Christmas Stocking for Little Man
3. Christmas Stocking for Stormageddon
4. Baby Blanket

4. Alpaca (from Lambtown 2014)

1. Sock Blanks
2. Anything else I find along the way

Other Fibery Endeavors:
1. Create project bag inventory
2. Update library inventory (on Ravelry)
3. Update stash inventory (on Ravelry)
4. Stitch markers
5. Destash as necessary

Last week was kind of a hot mess. Puppy has been being kind of a jerk and wanting to go out in the middle of the night, which is okay if he just wants to have a pee. I just put him on the leash, he goes, and that's that. When he wants to do the other thing, it's a half hour, minimum, of him prancing about in our backyard, and that's if he doesn't get distracted by the wildlife. Last week, he pulled that at least three nights in a row and that meant three afternoons where I just could not keep my eyes open long enough to get through an afternoon. Monday, we missed Stormageddon's occupational therapy video session because I fell asleep. I spent the next few days going back and forth to reschedule, which was on Friday (and it was fine, thankfully). Little Man was all over between his regularly scheduled meetings and a new one and his art therapy and his occupational was just a messy week. But, we did manage a few fun things...

Little Man and his (naughty) Puppy. I forgot to mention...twice in the last week he's pooped on the carpet after not doing it outside after a half-hour (or more) of prancing about, including this morning. Distracted by wildlife. Hrm. It's a good thing Puppy is cute.

The boys got an idea in their heads after I showed Little Man an article I found on Facebook for forts made with Ikea furniture. This is what resulted with our couch and a couple sheets and blankets. 

Little Man also made a setup outside. The boy really needs to build a huge fort but we just don't have the space. 

You can also see Puppy's house in the back and a rope going across the trees. He keeps trying to hang things and make pulleys and such. I shouldn't complain. He's being creative and using his innate understanding of mathematics and physics......but he won't do his schoolwork. ::sigh:: 

Speaking of his creativity, he's also been on a Legend of Zelda kick wherein he's been playing Breath of the Wild, Twilight Princess, and Ocarina of Time, all on different gaming consoles. That has also resulted in making things pertaining to Legend of Zelda. 

I'm not sure how he got this Majora's Mask to stick to his face because there's no obvious place to hold it and it doesn't have any sort of strap....but he made this while refusing to do homework today. I'm glad he's creative and not just sitting on his butt...but I need him to do some of his other schoolwork. 

Anyway, that's about all that's happening around here. I hope you've had a good week and weekend!


  1. You deserve kudos for schooling your children at home. I think creativity is fantastic and just as good as the 'assigned' schoolwork. Hope the puppy settles down - those late night adventures are no fun.

  2. Sorry for your schoolwork struggles. It's not easy being the mom and having to deal w/that. You do the best you can. Hope Puppy gets it together; bad boy.