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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random pissed off moment...

I'm having a random pissed off moment: I went on Ravelry earlier this morning to find out what other types of knitters were doing the sweater I was doing. This was grand and there weren't any problems with that. And then I saw the little note: Errata at Berroco. Dammit.

Apparently the front cabling had a misprint in the chart legend.

I'm glad I'm only two sections into the charted pattern and it's at the bottom where no one will notice. But still...dammit. I'm glad I found that when I did. But dammit.


  1. Ohh I hate that when it happens! Just happened to me on my current project - must be the cables.

  2. It was the cables. And it was one tiny little sayd P1 K2 when it should have read P1 K1 P1...*sigh* I knew it didn't look right but,'s at the bottom and no one will notice, right?