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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Uninvited...(probably some ranting ahead)

Brian and I have been uninvited to Christmas at his parents' place.

The long story (feel free to skip over this to the short version):
Brian and I left my car at his parents' house when we went on our honeymoon (at the beginning of September). They have a 100+ lbs golden retriever...and I'm allergic to her. Anyway, they had said golden retriever in my car, shedding all over, probably more than once.

When we got back from our honeymoon, we found a ton of dog hair in my car. I was miserable for months. We finally were able to get the car vacuumed out...though some hair was missed. Anyway, allergies sucked a lot.

Fast forward to yesterday. Brian called his mom to let them know that I was allergic to nickel (the metal). Apparently they were planning to get me jewelry for Christmas. So, they needed to know this. And his mom got a bit pissy about it (like it's my fault I'm allergic to nickel!). And then Brian said something about the car and having Shelby in it while we were gone. We didn't say anything at the time because, why bother. So, she got really pissy about it saying that they didn't have Shelby in the car at all and she doesn't like being accused of things and blah blah blah. She said it was from Bob's coat (Brian's dad)...first of all, who needs to wear a coat at the beginning of September and secondly, that was not simple transfer. There were GOBS of dog hair in my car only in the passenger seat. Anyway, we let it go. Later yesterday afternoon, Brian got an e-mail from his mother that said:

I have been very upset with you all day regarding your statement that
Dad and I drove Renee's car around
with Shelby in it. We had the car in our garage the whole time you
where on the cruise. We did not drive it
anywhere except to and from the airport.
We will remember the next time you two need to go to the airport. GET A BUS.

When Brian called his parents about it, Brian's dad threw it back in his face that he owes them money. Okay, so Brian owes them money...for things that are absolutely stupid! When he was in college, his parents took him off of their medical insurance. Brian rarely gets sick so this normally wouldn't be a big deal. But, the few times he did get sick, his mother insisted that he go to the doctor (instead of going to the free clinic the next week - and he would have been better by then) and get medication and all of that. And she kept track of how much money it cost to do this (including the over-the-counter asprin and kleenex and whatever else) and is keeping track of how much money they paid out and are saying he has to pay it back to them. Seriously, who the hell does that to their child?! I mean, okay, there is a limit but we're talking about a college-aged student (at the time) who had his mother force him to go to the doctor and get medication. He didn't want to go, tried to cancel the appointment, etc., but she made him go. And then says he has to pay them back for it. It's horseshit. Seriously. Who does that? I don't see them harping on his sister and the $50,000 they gave her for her surgery that she needed.

I told Brian that I'll pay the money back with a little note that basically tells them to fuck the hell off.

The short version: Brian's parents are fucking assholes and I really don't want them to be a part of my life, his life, or my child(ren)'s life (if we ever have any).

They go through this crap about every 6-9 months where they pull this kind of stuff. Last year at Thanksgiving. This past summer (right before the wedding). Now. I don't want to put up with this and I don't think I should have to.

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