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Monday, January 4, 2010

And survey says.....

3.625 semester GPA (and a 3.364 overall). Yeah, I rocked the semester. I had two "A's," an "AB" (whatever the bob that is), and a "B." I think that's a pretty good semester, right?

In other random events, the event known as "The Death of My Youth" (i.e., the day I turn 30) is occurring this Thursday. We're not doing much for the actual day but we're headed to Chicago for the weekend to partake in some Medieval Times and probably go to Ikea (if only because we really like that place).

Christmas came and went...we spent the day with Brian's sister and brother-in-law and then we went to Brian's aunt's/uncle's house for the rest of the day. New Years was spent at work (for me)...not that I minded. Extra money is always good, right? Now, if only I could manage to keep a hold of it. Hrm.

Oh, and knitting? You want to know about knitting? I made a hat over the weekend. I'm still working on that sweater. And I put a lifeline in the shawl that I'm making for Sherri...which I'm damn glad about because I had to rip back about 8 rows the other day. So, this was a good thing. I just wish I had used a better yarn for the lifeline...oh well.

I think I should wander off...I need to get some sleep because I'm getting old. Or something that resembles that.

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