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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hats, hats, hats, hats....

I've been working on some self-designed (read: screw-up) hat patterns as of late. The original intent was I was working on a pattern out of one of my books to make a hat for my boss for Christmas. And then...well, let's be honest, I stop paying attention sometimes...I screwed up the pattern and it morphed into the first version of the hat. I wrote up the pattern which was loosely (and I mean very loosely) based on the pattern in the book. I even did gauge and all of that.

Today, I worked on the second version of the hat. Actually...started and finished the second version would be a better description. It took about 5 hours worth of work, including weaving in ends and figuring out gauge. I already had the pattern written...I just needed to see how it would work. I like this version better than the first version, but this version is closer to the original version from the book that I managed to screw up royally.

I'm thinking there's going to be a third version. I know what I want to do...I just have to sit down and figure out how to do the crown (though I suspect that I know what I'm going to do - I just need to get that far first).

After that, you may very well see a post requesting test knitters.

And, at some point, you'll see a post with pictures of these hats.

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