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Friday, October 22, 2010

Random things

I've been knitting on random things. I've finished another test-knit hat (the Koala Hat on Ravelry). I've also been working on my socks, the baby's socks, and other things. I haven't really worked on the baby blanket but I should get going on that one of these days. Hmmm...

In other random news, Brian got the job with the school district :) This means that we will have good insurance as of this coming Monday...which, of course, will cover pre-existing conditions such as allergies and pregnancy.

Speaking of pregnancy...I had my 36 week appointment this morning. Apparently, the baby isn't breech (not that we can 100% tell without an ultrasound)'s just slamming it's little fists around a lot. I'm starting to dilate. So far, it's only 1cm but I still have four weeks left ("officially"). My doctor is a little worried about the width the other way...she says I may not be wide enough to push a kid out but she's going to let me try. I'm still expecting a C-section...just saying. My blood pressure is also going up. I'm not at the point where we need to flag me for preeclampsia but it's getting close. Right now, I'm at 140/80 (which is high for me - it's usually something like 120/70). The preeclampsia flagging point is 145/90. So.........yeah. This means that I'm going to have to do some slowing down as far as work and workouts go. Boo. Oh well, that's just how it is.

Anyway, that's about all that's going on around here in my world right now. Maybe I'll know more next week...or not.


  1. Hope you don't get preeclampsia Renee. My non-medical advice is rest, elevate your feet, and relaxing knitting.

    Another thing that may help with BP (but not enjoyable to do) is cutting down/out caffeine & chocolate (which also has caffeine). These are items heart patients are told to cut down on.

    Take care, Becky

  2. Butbutbut...I LIKE chocolate and caffeine :(

  3. I know! I'm trying to cut out caffeine from soda, wasn't able to donate blood this last time cause my heart rate was a little too fast. Just passing on what the cardiac patients at work have to give up (didn't mention salt or in cases for heart failure pts 2 L liquid restriction).

  4. I keep drinking water.......and I haven't had much soda lately. But that chocolate thing...mmmmm, Swiss Cake Rolls :)