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Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend trip to Chicago :)

So, I mentioned in this post that I had won a contest. I finally picked my pattern. I chose Queen Alice socks (that's the link to the Ravelry page)...I haven't started them as I have a few other projects on needles. Someday, I'll make those socks :)

In other random events, we spent the weekend in Chicago. We went to see some of my husband's family. It was Little Man's first trip out of state, first trip to Chicago, first trip to Ikea, and first trip to see this branch of the family. It was a good trip. We had dinner on Saturday at Joe's Crab Shack (Little Man slept through the whole thing)...followed by a trip to Ikea. We found a few things we're thinking about getting and we picked up some curtains for Little Man's room (so I can get rid of the old lady ones my grandma had in there). Husband also went to Super Dawg on Saturday night...he likes hot dogs and I'm not about to object.

We had some entertaining things happen while at the hotel. I was going to give Little Man a bath in the tub with me (it was just easier to get in with him - don't judge me!). I had to have my husband hand him to me. So, there's my husband holding Little Man (who was butt naked) and I was getting into the tub...when all of a sudden we hear this "pfffftttttt" sound. I turn around, my husband is just standing there with a look of shock and horror on his face, Little Man is grinning his toothless grin at daddy, and there's brown-green poop all over the tile floor. So, I cleaned that up while my husband put him back in the diaper (in case he wasn't done - he was). We had our bath where, at the very end, he urped (it's like burping but it's the spit-up part). That sucked. So, I had to clean part of him again. Then, I gave him to my husband in a towel and told him to go put the diaper on him. Well...I'm getting out of the tub and I hear "Little Man!" from my husband in the other room. I go out there and, apparently, Little Man decided to pee all over the duvet cover before daddy could get the diaper on. All I could do was laugh. First the poop on the tile and now the pee on the duvet...

Anyway, on Sunday (yesterday), we got up and got moving around 11am. We took a trip to Michigan Avenue for some reason...we were going to see about getting me a new coat (didn't happen). It was busier than hell and we had a time frame. So, we went on to Glen Ellyn to see the family...with a stop at String Theory Yarn Co. in downtown Glen Ellyn. I was only in there for 15 minutes but I managed to do $130 worth of damage. Oh well. Perhaps after Christmas I'll post pictures of what I got my hands on...but not right now since I may have found someone something for Christmas. Just sayin'.

We had dinner with the family and got home last night around 8:45pm. We also purchased an IPass for my car because trying to move the one back and forth is a pain in the ass. We bought it on the way down but I forgot to mention it. It's so much nicer to have that...and it was nice that the interstate wasn't under horrible construction again. I hated going down there when the construction was going on. No one knew how to handle the extra-narrow lanes.

So, weekend in Chicago. And I have either 13 or 15 followers...woo-hoo! My site lists 13 but when I go to do editing and looking at the blogs I follow, it says I have 15. Hmmmmm...

I think if I get up to 20 public followers, I may have a contest to rid myself of some yarn :) Or not. I don't know. I'll have to think about that...


  1. Yay yarn!

    I just laughed out loud when I read about the poop and urping. Welcome to being a parent! Enjoy it, you will be getting pooped and peed on and thrown up on for quite some time.

  2. Congratulations on a successful trip with Little Man. Traveling with a baby is always an adventure!

  3. Kids are a handful. You are reminding me. ha ha!!

    I have been to Chicago - they call it the windy city. I love it there. I was stuck there at 'A' School for the Navy for about 4 months. I went out every weekend with my pea coat and boots because it was middle of January and COLD!!! It's a beautiful city and I loved the fact I didn't have to drive anywhere! Train rides rock!! ha ha ha!