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Monday, January 17, 2011

Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Kleeeeening....(part the second)

I'm still working on that Karma. After getting rid of some yarn, some baskets, and some candles, I found MORE things to get rid of. I still have a huge pile in the dining room/living room for Vinny's (they're coming on Wednesday) but I have some things that I know they won't take and I'd hate to just throw it out. So, I have office supplies for the grabbing on Freecycle. I have someone coming by tomorrow afternoon to get them: folders, notebooks, envelopes, index cards, etc. It's not that I don't have a use for these...I do. But I'm not getting around to it and it's taking up space (not a lot but it's still space I need for other things). I also have my sewing machine posted on Craigslist for $70 but I may change the price, just to get it out of my house. I've only used it twice. I'd rather hand-sew anyway.

Speaking of hand-sewing, I'm contemplating making some things out of old towels and fabric that I have. I got the idea from a combination of an etsy shop and from something I got as a baby gift. My diaper bag came with this changing pad and yes, it's machine washable but while that one is being cleaned, I'd need another one. So, I have all this extra fabric around (in fun designs and colors and such) and Bob knows I have enough towels for a small army. I was thinking of making changing pads with the towels (for absorbency - in case someone pees) and the fabric (for the pretty). What do you think? I've never really done a lot of sewing (by hand or by machine) so this would be more of a labor of love than anything. I'm not quire sure how I'd do it, either. And, depending on how things go, I may make my own little etsy shop with it :)

I'm slowly finding my office. I can actually get in there and sit down. I'm nowhere near finished but I'm off to a good start. We have also almost found the dining room. I moved a lot of stuff to the closet and threw out a bunch...and I moved some things around. The biggest problem we have in there right now are all the boxes and bags to go to Vinny's. Once that's gone I should be able to finish in there.

Wow. It's been all about cleaning.

I've been knitting, too. I'm almost finished with the major project for the Knitters' Guild Brown Bag Exchange. I'll post pictures when it's finished and blocked. I'm also working on socks and a hat for Little Man and I'm going to be test knitting a hat for someone (that will be given to Little Man). I'll have to post pictures along the way...

And now for someone cute:

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