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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Goings ons...

I'm not bad at taking pictures...I'm bad at uploading them to my computer.

I started work on a KAL (knit-along, for those of you not "down" with the knitspeak) for February. It's a shawl (Ahava Shawl, to be exact). The pattern seems easy enough and I haven't had too many difficulties (yet). Someday I'll take a photograph.

I'm also working on my sock...I'm still on the first one of the pair but I'm past the heel and gusset, and am just knitting my way down the foot. I'm kind of hoping to have them done by the Knit-In on March 19th but I don't think that's going to happen. As long as I have something finished by then...I'm thinking the aforementioned shawl will be done.

Speaking of Knit-In, I'm trying to decide what classes I want to take (if any) and if I want to go see our speakers: Jess, Casey, Mary-Heather & Sarah from Raverly. I may not take a class. I don't know yet. I should figure that out...

Anyway, I'm thinking of strangling one of my fish. We have a plecostomus that one of my friends has named "Mick" (as in Mick Jagger). He's friggin' HUGE! Last time we got a good measurement of him, he was 18" long. That's as long as I was at birth! Anyway, he's the bottom-feeder-suck-on-the-glass fish. Saying he's "feisty" doesn't even begin to cover it. I'm waiting for him to leap out of the tank lately. I know he's coming up for air but, damn, he's shifted the top on the tank several times...and splashed the wall...and thrown a fish or two out of the tank (he knocked the clown loach out...but he may have been dead to begin with). He's a bit...violent. Actually, I only mention it because he made me jump up a mile from the couch during one of his little air trips.

In other random news, Little Man is growing like a damn weed. He's in #2 diapers, is over 14 lbs., wearing 3-6 month clothing, and, at last check, is 24" long. Seriously? My kid is TWO FEET tall?! Really? Yeah. He's getting big. And I have to box up all the newborn and 0-3 month clothing because it doesn't's kind of sad. Oh, and as of today, he's 13 weeks old. I guess that makes him "officially" three months old...but not until tomorrow, I guess. Whatever.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Susan's Fiber Shop to look at spinning wheels...I'll let you know if I get one :)

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