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Monday, March 7, 2011

Pi Day Swap 2011

I received my package from Heather on Saturday. I was hoping to be able to hold on until next week Monday to open it.....but, but, was a package and it was for me and I couldn't hold out. I opened it last night and photographed it this morning.

Here's what Heather sent me :)

This is the whole group....but there are come close-ups coming.

First of all, yarn :) Mini Mochi goodness in blue/green/purple. Yes. LOVE IT.

And a pattern to go with the aforementioned yarn. The Demiluna Shawl...this should be interesting.

It's a Pi Day Swap. A pie tin is perfect. To be honest, I was in need of a new one...I just hope I can convince my husband that we don't need to cut it with a metal knife lest we damage the finish.

And some eggs to make my pie. Okay, not really. But I LOVE Cadbury Creme Eggs and I'm jealous that we can only get them during the spring.

Jelly Bellies. These are my favorite jelly beans. I have always had a love for them...and these have flavors that you can put in a pie...but I don't recommend putting them in an actual pie. Just sayin'....

And now we have some handmade stitch markers. I know, the picture is blurry but it was difficult to get a non-blurry picture of these. My camera isn't good enough. But, they're little pieces of pie. From the looks of it, lemon meringue and apple. They're cute :)

I can't show you pictures of the box I'm sending as...I haven't sent it yet and I don't want to post until I know she's received it and opened it. So, maybe in a week or so :)

In other news, things are getting crazier around here. My husband's job may be on the line thanks to the Dictator that was somehow elected to the governor's office. He works for a school district but is non-union and a recent hire (he works in IT) and with the almost $900 million cuts coming to education for the state of Wisconsin, the district he works for is going to have a $16 million shortfall for next year, and more than that for the following year. It looks like he's probably going to have a 12% pay cut, which isn't horrible and we'll be okay...but it's still a 12% pay cut.

We're not exactly sure what's going to happen. He has a meeting at 3pm and he'll probably be in a horrible mood when he gets home. I'm hoping to make dinner...and maybe a pie.

I think that's about all I can discuss at this point...more later when I can post pictures of what I sent :)

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  1. Mini Mochi - beautiful yarn!

    I bake pie's a lot during the Holiday times. My family loves my pies. :D :D I'm sure your family will love it too!! :D :D