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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random Thoughts...

I expect that this will be a rambling post. I just have this urge to sit and write, I'm going to do that.

1. I have entirely too much yarn. But I love my yarn. I'm torn about whether or not I should do a spring destash on Ravelry. I'm tempted to but then once it's gone, it's gone. *sigh*

2. I need to go through my yarn and decide what I'm going to do with it. Of course, I have sweater quantities of several yarns...but I don't know how much yarn constitutes a whole sweater. So....hmmm. I'll need to figure that out.

3. My living room is a disaster area. It's not as horrible as it could be...but I do need to put things away and clean. I have bins of yarn and random knitting/spinning stuff. Oh, and paperwork, a pie tin (from the Pi Day Swap) and a bunch of random things.

4. Husband has a new motorcycle...a Ducati 848EVO (I think it's the EVO, maybe not). I put half the money down on it. It's for his 30th birthday...which is in June. He's going to owe me for quite awhile...

5. I think my laundry needs to be switched. That would be a good idea. I need to put Little Man's laundry away, too. And Husband's. And mine when it's done.

6. I need to spend some time knitting. And spinning. I miss doing it for hours on end :(

7. It's supposed to snow this weekend. It was over 70 yesterday. Seriously. What the hell?

8. We have a pool in the backyard. We put it up last week and filled it with enough water so it wouldn't blow away. The only reason we put it up was because Husband's uncle came last weekend to help build a platform for said pool. The reason we need a platform? For Little Man and me. The way it was before, I couldn't get in/out of the pool without someone else there. Then you add Little Man. There was no way we would be able to get in and out of the pool without someone else there. With the platform, we should be able to do that.

9. I hate cleaning. No, really, I hate cleaning. The only reason I do it is because I get sick of the house looking like a friggin' disaster area. Hrm.

10. I've been watching South Park all week. I think I have a problem. Seriously.

11. I hope the sun stays out...I doubt it but I can dream.

12. I forgot to take pictures of the package I sent off to Megin....oops, I'll have to have her take pictures once she gets it. As long as I remember to take pictures of the package she sends me, then I'll be half-good, right?

13. I think I should feed Little Man........I'll let him sleep a little longer, though.

I told you this was going to be random. *sigh*


  1. I will so help you destash your yarn if you want. I love yarn and I have a baby stash so your yarn will be well cared for XD. Just kidding I wouldn't take someone else's stash that's just mean.

  2. You can never have to much yarn silly person... LOL!! hide your stash looks like you may have some takers here lol....

  3. Don't destash your yarn! Knit some of it and then reassess. I find when I'm at odds with something I end up taking it out on my yarn/knitting.
    I feel the same way about cleaning. It just gets dirty/messy again so why bother. I live with slobs too and that doesn't help at all.

  4. My Hubs has given me the perfect reason not to's my retirement stash, so I have it when I don't have as much money....he told me that and said not to get rid of my yarn...and this week is spring break which will also be spring cleaning...