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Friday, April 8, 2011

Things I should have written about awhile ago...

So, in February, I purchased a spinning wheel. It's a Majacraft Pioneer. I thought about the Majacraft Rose but I decided that the Pioneer was going to do the same job that the Rose would.

Anyway, I promised photographs...

Isn't it pretty? It's not huge, which is nice since there isn't a ton of room in my house (right now). It takes up less room than some of Little Man's toys (like his swing and bouncer).

With the above pictured wheel, I made yarn...

It's not perfect. The skein on the right has about 160 yards of approximately worsted weight yarn (2-ply). The one on the left is a bit....fluffier? It's only got around 112 yards, still of a worsted weight yarn. I have one bobbin that's half-filled but I'm out of roving so I'm going to ply it and it'll probably only wind up being around 50 yards. So, between the three skeins, I should be able to make something, right? It might wind up being a skinny scarf or a hat but it'll be grand because it'll be mine. 

Anyway, I'm also working on a swap package for One Skein Projects group on Ravelry. I've almost finished my package...just a couple more items to pick up and add to the collection. I also need to photograph it before I send it off :) I think she's going to be happy.....I hope she's going to be happy.

As for Little Man, he's continuing to improve...he's still not quite eating the way he was but he's still congested and coughing. I'm not really surprised. I'm still getting up at night to feed him, as well. I'm going to be doing that for awhile yet. That's okay, though.

Tomorrow, I'm taking two classes from Sally Melville. That should be interesting.

Anyway, that's about all I have for right now......I should have more to talk about after tomorrow. We shall see :)


  1. Your wheel is wonderful! I have been tempted by the thought of a wheel but that is a slippery slope. The yarn you spun (your yarn!) is just lovely. Whatever you make will be great.
    I look forward to hearing about the classes with Sally Melville. Have fun!

  2. The spinning wheel reminds me of that Disney movie... forgot the name of it. One day I may work up to my own spinning wheel wonders... but right now, I'll just dye my own yarn and be happy learning how to knit.