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Monday, May 9, 2011

Not Another Genealogy Post! Too bad for you :)

What's with the lack of knitting? Oh yeah, that's right...I have to wait until at least tomorrow before I can post some of my knitting things.

But, genealogy, on the other hand...major SCORE this weekend.

I knew I had this information somewhere but I hadn't seen it since before we moved into my grandparents' house (which, incidentally will be my house come January 2014). I was cleaning in my office yesterday and I came across a bunch of genealogy stuff.

In particular, I found something my step-grandma, Ann (Miller) (McElrath) Zerbel had given me after my grandpa, Roland Arthur Zerbel,  died in 2002. It was a family tree that my great-aunt, Dorothy Wilhelmina (Zerbel) (Steward) Heidner had compiled several years earlier (before she died).

If you don't want to read about genealogy, I suggest you stop reading **NOW** and skip down a bit until you start reading about something else....

It contained several generations of my father's family's information as well as some information that my grandma further provided on separate sheets of paper.

I have been trying to remember what my great-grandma Zerbel's name was...could not think of it. Luckily, it's contained on this sheet: Doretta Anna (Holzwarth) Zerbel. I knew my great-grandpa's name was Lewis (Louis) Richard Zerbel. His parents (my great-great grandparents) were Herman Carl Zerbel (I've seen Carl Herman on some websites - I'm working on which is correct) and Dorthea Wilhelmina Schultz. My great-grandma Doretta's parents were Christian Holzwarth Jr., and Augusta Wilhelmina Plath (my great-great grandparents). I also know all of my great-great-great grandparents' names: Johann Zerbel & Maria (Zastrow is the surname I've found in several places); Fredrick Schultz & Dorthea; Christian Holzwarth & Maria (Mary) Kurz; and Carl Frederic Wilhelm Plath & Henrietta Fredreicka Schulze.

Combine this finding with a family tree that my mother must have "helped" me fill out years ago...based on my handwriting, I'd say I was probably in second grade. Anyway, It has several generations on my paternal grandmother's side, and my mother's family.

So, in addition to the find for my Zerbel line, I also found information on the Green/Michelbook/Schrantz/Lorge (Lorgy) line (my maternal grandfather's family), the Johnston/Fagerlind/White/Bostrom line (my maternal grandmother's family), and the Wideen/Beckner/Carlson/Schilf line (my paternal grandmother's family).

Now I think I can delve in further...I just have to pony up the dough to pay for an Ancestry membership. And other things. It's all good information :)

I also found myself a copy of my paternal grandfather's obituary (still contained in a newspaper - I'll have to cut it out and laminate it), my paternal grandmother's obituary (fully laminated - the kind you get from the funeral home) and I know I have a copy of some information that I posted from information that I never kept track of......

It's all exciting. Eventually I'll post pictures.

Also, Mother's Day was first "real" Mother's Day (as I was pregnant at this time last year). Husband made breakfast and dinner. He helped me out with watching Little Man so I could get some cleaning done. He tried to help me by starting his laundry...but I had to finish it and put it away (I'm anal about it and he'd heap it all on the floor if I'd let him - so I just put it away for him so it doesn't get too wrinkled).

Other than that, it's been a little crazy around here. Little Man and I went to check out a daycare here in town this morning. I like it and I think we'll be going there...the only thing I don't like, and all daycares appear to do this, is that if we're gone or miss more than our allotted "vacation" time, we have to continue to pay, even though Little Man wouldn't be there. It's kind of commonplace and I can see why daycares do's just annoying and a waste of money, to me. But, that's just how it is.

I went through my yarn's the Madison Knitters' Guild's last meeting of the season which means we are our own vendors, so to speak. So, I went through my stash and I have a large knitting bag full of yarn to sell...and it's all decent stuff. I also finished my stuff for Brown Bag Exchange but I can't share until tomorrow because, well, the person may read my blog and know what they're getting.......which isn't all that likely but it's still possible. So, I'm going to hold off on posting those until tomorrow, at least.

This week is going to be just as crazy. Tomorrow is the only day that isn't crazy. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are all going to be taken up by Little Man's doctor appointments. With his metabolic disorder (remember this post?), he has to see some "extra" doctors that most children won't have. He had his first appointment with his cardiologist last week. His EKG looked fine and he sounded fine but there are just some things you don't know without actually, on Wednesday, he's going in for a(nother) ECG. He had one when he was a week old but he's going to need one every six months or so until he's two and then yearly for awhile...then every couple of years and so on and so forth. So, his ECG is on Wednesday. On Thursday (through Friday), he's going in for a 24-hour heart monitor. He's not going to be too happy about it. He has to have it strapped to him, under a onsie and I have to keep track of his meltdowns so the cardiologist doesn't misread the printout as him having a problem when he was just all worked up for some reason or another. And then on Friday he has his regular 6 month checkup.

It's going to be a long week.

I hope to find time to knit. Or spin. Or something...


  1. Renee Anne,
    Instead of paying for an internet membership, go to your local LDS church and ask some questions - their genealogy help is FREE and they have some of the best resources in the world.
    There is an LDS branch right there in Stoughton...

  2. Dang! Just reading this post made me tired! I hope everything goes well for Little Man.

    I've dabbled in genealogy but it's pretty frustrating when most of the records would be in a European country that doesn't really exist anymore. Good for you for sticking with it.