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Monday, November 28, 2011

I Wish My House Would Clean Itself.......

It's Monday here in my neck of the woods (world?)...early afternoon, actually, and I've done almost nothing to show for the day.

The Yarn Harlot blogged today about several things but one thing that stuck out to me was about her war with her house (read: cleaning from top to bottom). She was able to clean her house top to bottom in one day...seriously, ONE (okay, she didn't do the office...but the rest of the house was done in one day)! As she said, she wasn't just vacuuming and dusting shelves...she was pulling books off shelves and cleaning them off (and donating books she was no longer in love with along the way), pulling furniture away from walls to vacuum under things and clean off baseboards, going through closets of clothes for donations, scrubbing floors, washing duvet covers, and a bunch of other things.

I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous.

It's not that my house is dirty...but it's extremely disorganized and messy and overwhelming. There are so many reasons for this but the basic reason is this: I inherited two fully furnished households worth of stuff (and the houses to go with them). I have/had doubles (triples, quadruples, and sometimes more than that) of everything...not to mention the stuff that I accumulated through the last decade (when I inherited the first fully furnished house) and the stuff Husband brought and the new stuff for Little Man.

It wasn't that the house wasn't clean when we was, I promise. But then we started opening up drawers and cupboards and looking in dressers and closets and, well, things had to get moved around. Pretty soon, the house was a disaster area.

Some rooms are fine, albeit a little messy, like the living room, kitchen, dining room, and our bedroom & bathroom. Other rooms are strictly off-limits to everyone except those with special passes like my office, the porch (which is almost done), and the basement. I wish I could clean this almost 3,000 sq. ft. house from top to bottom in one day...but I don't think I could, even if it was clean to begin with.

So, am I jealous of the Yarn Harlot's ability to clean her entire house, top to bottom, in one day? Um...........yes. Just a little bit. 


  1. I can't either. You have a child and a family that keeps you busy and, at least to me, having a spotless home or cleaning the entire thing in one day takes a backseat to time with the fam.

    Don't beat yourself up or compare yourself to others - you know you are doing the best you darn well can. :)

  2. There are some women just born to clean and who have the spirits of Snow White and Cinderella within them.
    I clean when I cannot stand it anymore. I did right before we had hosted a playdate on Veteran's Day. About 4-5 hours with the office not touched and the master shower stall.

  3. I'm all by my onesie in my place and I can't manage to keep it clean ever. At least you've made more progress than me!

  4. I'm just like you. Too much stuff. I am not one of these people that can be minimalist (probably spelt wrong). Our house is clutered and full of love. To be honest I enjoy a house that is messier and full of laughter and love than a clean looks good house anyday. Don't get me wrong if someone wants to come and do the housework for me that would be different.