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Monday, November 7, 2011

Little Man's First Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Little Man's first birthday. His actual birthday isn't until Wednesday but, well, it's kind of hard to have a baby's birthday party in the middle of the week when everyone has to work. So, party yesterday.

We had a house full of people...and most of them were not family. Husband's parents did not attend (and their only excuse is that my father-in-law is having shoulder surgery in a couple weeks and he's in terrible pain...but he's still going to work every day). Husband's sister and her husband did not attend (their reason was that they "had plans"). Whatever. We had the important people here.

Little Man got so much......stuff! Toys, clothes, books. My living room was a disaster area this morning until I put some things away. Some of the toys I don't want in the living room because Little Man has a tendency to share with Puppy and I don't want some of these toys ruined because Puppy got a hold of them. So, there are a bunch that were moved to Little Man's bedroom for the time being.

We started out the day in our Chinese outfit that Art & Mary Rose picked up in San Fancisco (?) last year...long before Little Man could wear it. But he could wear it yesterday. There's actually a hat that goes with it, too, but it was too small. He looked so cute...but he was slippery and he wound up ripping a hole in the pants from crawling around. So, we had to change...

 We put on a "Nerds" (candy) shirt and some pants and went to town opening presents. See the box in the background (with the best-selling car in the world on it)? He got that from Husband's brother & sister-in-law. They live in Washington, D.C. but they sent it our way. He's had more fun with the box...but he's a little too small for the car itself. Maybe by spring he'll be good.

 Obviously, he likes books as I had a hard time getting this Curious George book away from him. I had to put it up on a high shelf so he doesn't destroy it.

See the pile of stuff? Yeah, that was all for him.

I found that Yoda at Target one day and he kept reaching out for it so I decided to buy it and give it to him for his birthday. He likes Yoda. What can I say?

And what's a party without cake?

 When I first handed him his cake, he wasn't quite sure what to do. He kind of messed his fingers in the frosting and kept "clicking" them together...but he wouldn't go near his mouth. He kept looking at me like, "mommy, can I put this in my this okay to do?" Finally, he got it.

 Apparently, he liked the frosting a whole lot. It was whipped frosting, not buttercream. I don't like buttercream anyway and have always liked whipped cream frosting.


 The "family" photo.

Eventually, I fished out some of the cupcake from his butt and gave it to him. He liked that, too, but I think he preferred the frosting...who wouldn't?

 Once the party started to wind down, and after Little Man had a good bath, he started to really play with some of his toys. He liked this book. It's a touchy-feely book about puppies and kitties. I think he was more interested in trying to eat the touchy-feely part than touching it...but whatever, he's even holding the book the correct way.

These were some of the stuffed animals he got. There's a stuffed frog, a stuffed polar bear, Yoda, and Liberty Bear. I think he was going after Yoda.

Overall, it was a fantastic day. I still have leftover cake...and sloppy joes...and little weenies...and a fruit tray...and a veggie tray...and a bunch of food. I'm going to be eating good this week :)

In other random events, I didn't finish Little Man's blanket. I did the math and if I do 5 rows every day, I can have it finished by Christmas. If I do 10 rows every day, I can have it done by Christmas, washed, blocked, and dry. So far, I haven't been doing so well. Some days I get 5 rows done, other days I get 10 rows...sometimes more than that, sometimes none at all. We'll see.

Oh, but that's not even the best part. "Best" is a very loose term...we went up to Madison on Saturday to see my nephew (they discovered he had diabetes and it was outrageously out of control) and do some grocery shopping. We left Puppy out because he's usually okay for a couple of hours in the kitchen by himself. Silly me. I had mopped the back entry linoleum and the hardwood floor in the kitchen. When I mop, Puppy doesn't like the he attacks the flooring. This wouldn't be an issue but we had a chunk missing in the linoleum from moving some fridges out of the basement. Can you already guess what happened? We came home from Madison and Puppy had damn near destroyed the back entry linoleum. We were going to replace it anyway but we were hoping to wait until next summer...we have to replace it almost immediately. We can't leave it because Puppy will just continue to destroy it. So, sometime this week, we're going to go up to Home Depot to look at flooring and installation and all of that. We're already having the counter done within the next few weeks...might as well get the floor done, too. *sigh*

So, that's my life in a nutshell. I hope things start getting better soon....


  1. What a little cutie!!!! Congrats to Little Man for getting so old! Soon he'll be wearing his pants up at his armpits and hobbling around yelling 'huh?!' from too much hair in his ears.

  2. Happy birthday to little man! Lookslike a good day, and it looks like he was royally loved and spoilt, just as it should be on his first birthday! Don't worry about people not coming, they're the ones missing out on such a cutie =)

  3. OMG I loved your family photo! Very cute.

  4. so cute, I can't believe he's already a year! I love your family picture with little man stuffing his face =)

  5. Hau 'oli la hanau Little Man. You sure know how to enjoy cake!