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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WIP Wednesday......and there's photos!

So, it's WIP Wednesday...and I have things to actually show you :)

Several moons ago, I showed you this:

Somewhere in the middle of the second repeat of the pattern...maybe...

As of the end of Knitters' Guild on Monday night, it looks like this:

Somewhere in the middle of the 8th repeat of the pattern...

I'm not sure if I'm going to do 9 full repeats plus the extra rows or 10 full repeats plus the extra rows.  You can see my laptop in the background...I was starting this post, actually, when I realized I didn't have any photos so I had to take some :)

With my iPhone case sitting on it for an idea of the size.

Further away, but the color isn't as good.

So, what is this again? It's my Cobblestone Baby Blanket. The yarn is Lamb's Pride by Brown Sheep Yarn Company. When I finish it, I'm going to write up the pattern and send it out to the test knitters. I'll probably be looking to have it tested in finger weight, worsted weight, and bulky weight, with maybe a tester doing sport weight or aran weight (but aran and worsted are so close and sport and fingering are so close that I might skip it). I'm also thinking that I'm going to have at least three testers per weight with at least one doing the pattern as written and at least one doing the pattern with adjustments (to make it bigger/smaller). So, if you're interested in testing this later (like after the holiday season), send me an e-mail or reply to this post with a way to contact you. But, that's how it's going. I think I'll be able to have it finished by Christmas for Little Man.

Oh, but there's another WIP for me to share. Because I don't have enough going on with the aforementioned blanket, I decided that I'm going to knit a hat for my brother-in-law, his wife, and their daughter, mentioned briefly as Sweet Girl. I started Sweet Girl's on Monday night at Knitters' Guild (because I didn't have another skein to work on the blanket and I did have this yarn in my bag).

I'm using Creative Focus Superwash by Nashua for all three hats. Sweet Girl's is going to be the light blue, mom's is going to be a dark blue, and my BIL's is going to be both...stripes :)

Right now, the plan is to make the Madison hat for both Sweet Girl and her mommy and just a plain beanie for my BIL but it kind of depends on how the Madison turns out. If it doesn't look too "girly," I'll make it for my BIL, too. He's an ex-army ranger so I don't want to make him feel too much like a sissy in a handknit hat. 

In other WIP Wednesday news, my Basic Socks have not been touched, Little Man's giraffe has not been touched, my Skyp Socks haven't been touched, and my Traveling Vines (the baby socks) haven't been touched.


Here are some cute pictures of Little Man to make up for it :)

Turtle....NOM NOM!

Mama! I fell in my toy box! Get me out!


Wearin' mom's hat. I'm stylin'...

That's all I have for WIP Wednesday.....for more WIP Wednesday posts, visit Tami's Amis and Other Creations.


  1. I think you can be excused from not working on anything else, because the progress on that baby blanket is really impressive! It looks like you'll have it done for Christmas =)

    And I love the picture of little man in the toy box! It looks likehe just crawled in for a nap

  2. The growth of the blanket since your first picture is great!! The design is so creative :). Love the little guy pictures...always my favorite that every toddler does the "bottom up" fall asleep pose!

  3. Little Man is so cute! The photo of him in the toy box is priceless:)
    The blanket looks great! You've gotten so much done. I've done photos at the last minute like that too:)

  4. Wow that blanket grew! Good job.
    Matching mum and daughter hats will be splendid!
    LOVE the pics of Little Man, esp. the I fell in the toy box one - hilarious! His smile is so beautiful.

  5. awww little man. he's always so cute. I think he should start wearing your hat full time.

  6. He is a cutie pie! I like his monkey jammies - T has those too!!