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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WIP Wednesday...repeat?

Another Wednesday, another dollar...or something.

Anyway, it's WIP Wednesday in my world but I can't say that much has changed since last week. I finished my second Madison hat so that's the only thing that changed...and Little Man's blanket is a little bit longer. That means I'm going to have a post on Friday for FO Friday :)

So, no pictures, no changes, just another WIP Wednesday.

In other random events, I'm putting some of Husband's CDs into my iTunes because, well, I can. He has everything into "The Collective" (my iTunes, his iTunes, and a couple of friends' iTunes) but I haven't figured out how to take things from the collected iTunes and put them on my devices unless they're already in my iTunes. So, I'm putting some things into my iTunes so I can put them on my devices. And I might add some of my CDs that I haven't put in yet (like my soundtracks and other things like that). We'll see.

Oh, and on the housecleaning front, no progress.


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  1. I really wish they would invent a self-cleaning house. That would make life so much easier:)

  2. Everyone knows that knitting and music organization always trump house cleaning. Really, you had no choice...