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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It's Wednesday and that means that it's time for another installment of WIP Wednesday. Last week, we briefly touched on the fact that my collection of WIPs hadn't changed, except, perhaps, in length.

Little Man's blanket still isn't finished. I did the math on it and I figure I have somewhere between 80-85 rows left before it's finished. That translates to maybe 10-15 hours worth of work, not including washing and blocking...I'm a slow knitter, sue me. Maybe not that long. I don't know...

My Icarus Shawl hasn't been touched. It used to sit on a side table in my living room. When we did some cleaning when Little Man became mobile, it was shoved into a bag and kind of disappeared for awhile. I found it on Monday afternoon. That doesn't mean I pulled it out...but I'm aware of where it's hiding.

Little Man's Giraffe is still in hiding. I know where it is but I haven't bothered to pull it out. I think it's going to hibernate in the closet for a couple of months...or weeks...whatever. I know where it is and that's important.

I started the second sock of my Skyp Socks...I'm only on the twelfth row so there's nothing interesting to photograph. Sorry.

The Traveling Vines Socks are still somewhere in the house...haven't found them. I'm pretty sure they're in a project bag of some sort which gives me a general idea but I haven't dug them out.

Also........the startitis got to me. I started another sock yesterday. It's not based on a pattern of any sort...I just know how many I need to cast on and I went from there. Oops.

But, I did finish some're going to have to wait until Friday to see those, though :)

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I must apologize for being boring and without iPhoto hasn't been uploading properly so I can't even show you new photos of Little Man. *sigh*

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  1. Wow! That's a lot of WIP! I typically work on one project at a time. How can you handle them all!