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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Quest to Get Organized

So, in true "me" fashion, I'm working on the organization of paperwork. I'm currently sitting at the kitchen counter next to the scanner and I'm scanning all the seemingly useless paperwork we have. I'm beginning to think we have a metric ton of paperwork. I have a pile of stuff that can be shredded and several files on my desktop (mostly in folders already). My file is already lighter. If I didn't have to keep copies of paid medical bills, I would have shredded them, too...but I have to keep those for taxes. *sigh*

I'm hoping I can get quite a bit of this box done before (1) my computer dies or (2) Little Man wakes up from his nap. It's going to be an ongoing process. I'm just proud that I'm spending time doing it! I'm hoping it'll appease Husband, too...his biggest complaint is that we have too much paperwork. He's right, of course; we really do have too much paperwork. Unfortunately 90% of the paperwork we get are things that we should keep but not necessarily in hard copy...hence why I'm scanning things. It's annoying paperwork like bill summaries from the insurance company and receipts for things we've had done to the house (like new countertops and tile flooring) that we have to keep but don't have to keep...and it's what's taking up so much room and creating huge piles on the table/counters. Hrm.

It's been an entertaining day in my world, aside from all the paperwork scanning.

Puppy took it upon himself to have diarrhea on my kitchen rug...twice. No sooner did I get that cleaned up when Little Man decided to have a go himself...and out the side of his diaper. I was going to change his clothes anyway but I was hoping I wouldn't have to toss the jammies into the dirty clothes container. Oh well. The new washer was delivered at the condo today. The guy from Home Depot came to look at my window in the kitchen. It decided it didn't want to shut all the way or lock properly. He was able to fix it in about five minutes...thankfully. I've also been to the chiropractor this morning. I'm just waiting on the guy to come and put the baseboards and quarter round back in and then the back entry will be mostly least until Husband comes home and puts the washer and dryer back in. Then I get to spend the next few days doing massive amounts of laundry. Just what I don't want to be doing. Oh well, it's got to get done.

In the world of knitting...I expect that there will be a fabulous post on January 7th around about 5am (Wisconsin time) about my plans for knitting. Seriously. It's already been written and while there may be a couple of minor changes, it's ready to post :)

And then maybe after that, I'll do a yarn giveaway for some reason...there's a good reason on January 7th but I don't know if I'll be ready by then (it depends on if I get to pulling out bins of yarn or not).

Anyway, back to scanning paperwork and feeling good about my Things I'd Like to Accomplish in 2012 list...


  1. Oh gosh, I feel so lazy compared to you. There is clutter to clean up in our crib. Sigh, I'm the Queen of Procrastination besides Gutters. My grandmother upstairs called me, "Lau hei" b/c I didn't do a Christmas pic of my princesses.
    Kudos to you and glad Little Man is doing well.

  2. You sure have been busy! I love how right after the holidays that pre-Spring cleaning bug always seems to come out. We've done the same thing cleaning out paperwork, shredding things, replaced all our kitchen appliances, it's been nuts! Can't wait to see your knitting plans post :) Until then, happy paperwork scanning!

  3. This is a better time to start on home improvement in kitchen countertops, as the world of fashion is evolving at a fast pace.

  4. Sounds like a good start to your resolutions! My organising paperwork involves putting it all in a box and forgetting out it. About once a year the box is turned upside down looking for something, but then it all goes back in. . .

    On a completely unrelated note, you asked how I managed to get twisted stitches when purling. I was wrapping the yarn under the needle from bottom to top, instead of over from top to bottom. If you ever did want twisted pull stitches, it's much easier than purling through the back loop, just it's better if you do it on purpose!

    Hope Little Man and Puppy are ok now!