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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Self-Imposed Year of Projects: Update #1

So, yesterday I announced that I was going to partake in my own Self-Imposed Year of Projects.

The Year of Projects blog group on Ravelry does all their updates on Sundays so I think I'm going to join in, at least, in that respect...I might even connect my blog with the linky on the "main" Year of Projects blog. We'll see...

Onward to the projects (and no, you don't get pictures yet...maybe Wednesday).

1. Little Man's Cobblestone Baby Blanket: (started: July 2010) I've worked a couple rows of this. It's not much but hey, it knocks a couple more rows off and that's all that matters.
2. Mama's Simple Skyp Socks: (started May 22, 2011) I've worked a couple rows on sock #2 and am maybe 3 pattern repeats in (out of 25) before the heel flap and all of that. Woo-hoo!
3. Mama's Vanilla Socks: (started December 6, 2011) Admittedly, I haven't worked on these. These are the kind that I should bring when I'm in the car with Husband driving...or watching TV or something. They're just boring socks. But the yarn is fun, I swear!
4. Baby Traveling Vines Socks: (started September 18, 2010) Yep...haven't gone looking for these. I know there around here somewhere...
5. Little Man's Giraffe: (started May 11, 2011) Nope. Haven't touched him.
6. Icarus Shawl: (started around March 15, 2010) Still in hibernation somewhere...

12 Hats in 2012
1. Claudia: (started January 3, 2012...I should move it up to WIPs) I'm probably half finished with this hat...there will probably be more about it on Wednesday (if I get it photographed and photos uploaded).
2. Odessa
3. Hermione Loves Ron
4. Habitat: I was gifted this pattern yesterday by the lovely Emma (who's blog can be found here). I was so not expecting it :) Thanks to Emma for that pattern!
5. Ogre Babies: I'm still debating if I'm going to make this for me or for Little Man...I suppose I could do both :)
6. NIN Hat: If I like it, I might have to make two...or three...
7. Pup Tent
8. Godric's Hollow Hat
9. Brandon Ribbed Beanie Hat
10. Raglan Hat
11. Bergen Street Tuque
12. Nolan (need to purchase)

1. Mama's Simple Skyp Socks (see above WIPs list)
2. Mama's Vanilla Socks (see above WIPs list)
3. Blathnat
4. Hermione's Everyday Socks

"Big" Project
I think I've decided that I'm going to do the Freeport Vest for this one. I have some lovely Malabrigo (chunky something or other) that I purchased at Stitches Midwest. If you look at this post, you'll see the yarn I'm talking about in the picture from my haul at Stitches. It's the light blue chunky-looking yarn on the bottom right hand of the picture and the similarly chunky-looking dark blue (with light blue spots) that's on the left, just below the Cast On magazine.

Kid/Baby Stuff

(this list is subject to change without prior notification to anyone, including the author)

1. Hippo from Itty-Bitty Toys: This is a definite project (i.e., the only thing on this list that won't change). I asked Sweet Girl what she wanted me to make her while we were visiting over the summer and she and I looked through the book and she picked out the hippo. I asked her what colors she wanted it and she told me "pink and purple." I have the yarn in my stash: Shalimar Yarns Breathless in Passion Fruit (pink) and Concord Grape (purple). She picked out the colors at the yarn store (Eleganza Yarns in Frederick, MD...which is sadly out of business because the owners also own Shalimar Yarns and they wanted to focus on that). I'm hoping to have this done by the time the new baby comes around.
2. London Beanie: Yes, I know this is an "adult" pattern but I know how to modify it for small children and babies so I'll probably make at least two of these, if only for Sweet Girl and Little Man.
3. Little Slug (need to purchase)
4. Grumpus: I was gifted this pattern yesterday for my birthday. Depending on how things go, I'll probably try to make more than one of these.
5. Snail: Yes, this is a hat...
6. Basically any hat from Itty-Bitty Hats by Susan B. Anderson (I have several that I'd like to make that are on my paper list)
7. Brooke Baby Afghan
8. Pine Forest Baby Blanket
9. Mossy Jacket

I have a list that's quite a bit longer than this but these are some ideas.

So, for my SIYOP:
WIPs: 7
Not yet started: 21
FOs: 0
Totals: 28 projects


  1. You're very welcome =) and looks like a good start since you only posted the list yesterday!

  2. Hey your 2012 looks pretty ambitious too! Can't wait to see the socks especially! :)

  3. That's quite a list, but I think it's do-able! Belated Happy Birthday and welcome to the blog-along!

  4. wow - good luck! You have some beautiful projects there. Happy Birthday (belatedly!)

  5. Belated Happy Birthday! Think we both have a lot planned for 2012.

  6. That's a pretty impressive list - it will be nice to see some pics when you're able. Good luck with your SIYOP

  7. The list may be long, but it is full of fun patterns--the Pine Forest and Brook baby blankets are already in my faves-I love them! And Grumpus? Totally went on my fave list just now, along with the snail hat. I am looking forward to seeing your progress!

  8. Great list. Even added a few to my Q. My daughter loves hats. You chose some very interesting ones there! Thanks

  9. Wow you have some great projects on your list I can't wait to see your progress. I have had Claudia & Odessa in my favorites for awhile now I really need to get to them.