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Friday, February 3, 2012

FO Fri......wait, no.......yes..yes........YES!

It's done done done done done done DONE DONE DONE DONE!!!!!!

I have finished Little Man's Cobblestone Baby Blanket! Do you want proof of this?

Hanging out on the chair...
See? There's proof.

Wait, you think I'm hiding my needles behind that chair? You want MORE proof?!

I don't see any needles....

Close up of the cast on edge...I think...

The long, narrow view...

So, on to the specifics for this lovely FO Friday :)

Pattern: Little Man's Cobblestone Baby Blanket (not yet written properly or available - will be seeking test knitters within the next few weeks - check back for more information if you're interested)
Needles: US #6 circulars...I measured them and they turned out to be 40" circulars (if you measure from tip to tip)
Yarn: Knitting Worsted by Brown Sheep Company (discontinued) in a seafoam green color
Size: It's technically a baby blanket...but I guess it could be used as a lapghan.
Modifications: It's my pattern...what modifications could there possibly be?

I finished this very late last night so it's not blocked or washed or had it's ends woven in yet. I'll get to that sometime this weekend, I expect...that is, if Little Man doesn't hold it hostage immediately (and he might).

This blanket has been haunting me since I started it in June 2010. I was approximately five months pregnant at the time and I thought, "oh, no big deal; I can whip up a blanket in no time."

Oops. Yeah, let's not talk about that silly thought.....

Husband made the suggestion that I not give it to Little Man for awhile so he doesn't ruin it. It's 100% wool and will felt (he's been instructed not to wash it or anything of that nature under threat of pain). I may only use it for snuggles or in his crib for awhile until he's old enough to understand that this blanket is special. We'll see.

Anyway, here's a lovely picture of Little Man. He discovered he could put a box on his head.

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  1. It looks wonderful, I love the texture :)

  2. Blankets take a lot of perseverance. Like the Yarn Harlot says, There are no victories along the way like when you finish pieces of a sweater, you just have to knit and knit and knit until it done. Congrats on getting it finished. It looks lovely.

  3. I....LOVE....THIS. Need I say more? It looks so cuddly and comfy! Fantastic job :) I have so many baby blankets I need to make for gifts, argh! I have to say it's the perfect size too. Not sure about you but so many people gave us blankets that were beautiful when our little girl was born but just not practical! They were too big for a carseat blanket and if I used it on the floor for her to play on, it felt like an area rug :-P

  4. Wow, that's a lot of work, but I'd say it was worth it. What a cute little man! Hope he appreciates the blanket :)

  5. Very nice blanket! I like the texture of the stitches and the border. I'm sure as Little Man grows he will understand how to take care of such a special gift.

  6. Yay!!! I'm so excited for you that it's finished! Congratulations, and it is beautiful! I hope Little Man loves it forever

  7. You did a great job planning out your own design. It has wonderful texture. It must feel great to have it done! You little one is cute too.

  8. That's your pattern? Great job! I think your little man will be very happy with it :)

  9. Wow, what a daunting and awesome thing to finally have finished! It's beautiful, the texture of the stitch pattern looks amazing and the wide border is great. This will definitely be a cherished object for your son when he gets older---I know I have a big, big soft spot in my heart for the baby blanket my mom wove for me while she was pregnant. <3

  10. Wow, that's lovely. I had every intention of knitting a blankie for impending baby, but I knew it would take me too long to finish. It's nice to see someone else finish one - and of your own design.

  11. That is one, wonderful blanket!!! Woo hoo! You're finally finished.

  12. Congratulations! Little Mans afghan is beautiful. Let me know if you are still looking for test knitters