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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Yesterday morning, I took Little Man to the salon. We met with Karla. She's been messing about with my hair since 1994 and I thought it'd be a good to see her.

Little Man has always had a head full of hair.

I'm one month old.........and I'm tired!

As he got older, his hair kept growing.....

Easter 2011

Cathy's "retirement" party...

........and growing........

Heading to Cameron's birthday (August 2011)

Cheese :)

On my first cruise

By the time his first birthday came about, it was evident that he'd need a haircut soon.

And still, I waited......

And I waited...

Mama....I think it's time...
What sealed the deal was Sunday morning at breakfast. A woman at the table next to us didn't know if Little Man was a boy or a girl and didn't want to use the wrong pronoun so she asked. Now, I've always thought he looked like a little boy....albeit a very pretty little boy but still a little boy.

Guess I was wrong.

I suppose I could see her point.......he sat on my lap, he wore the cape, and he hardly futzed. He was a very good boy during his haircut.

I'm still cute, right Mama?

Yes, baby, you're still stinkin' adorable.


  1. I see what you mean about him maybe needing a haircut! And don't worry, he still looks adorable!

  2. You sure have that right! He is adorable, and he's wearing the right T-shirt, too!!

  3. Your little man's haircut is so cute! And so are the pictures of his long hair. He looks so happy about his no 'do :-)

    I think it will take quite awhile before I ever get around to getting my little dude's hair cut, too.

  4. Awwww, SO much cute in one post!

  5. Handsome, sweet boy! His smile is infectious and I adore his big baby blues.

  6. He looks so handsome!! I'm sure it was definitely tough losing the cute baby curls in the back though!