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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy WIP Wednesday

It's Wednesday and in this part of the universe, it's WIP Wednesday.

No, I really don't have anything to show you...I mean, there will be photos involved but nothing showing off what I'm actually doing...which is fine. I'll just let your imaginations run a little wild (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more...)

Anyway, on to the WIPs...

1. Mama's Vanilla Socks: stared December 6, 2011 - no progress. They're on needles; I've looked at them; I have not worked on them.
2. Little Man's Giraffe: started May 11, 2011 - he's been shuffled around but I haven't physically pulled him out to work on him...I still need to find the book.
3. Icarus Shawl: started March 15, 2010 - no progress. It hasn't moved out of the bag since I put the pattern and yarn together. Oh well.
4. Honey Badger Don't Give a Shit Socks: started January 23, 2012 - I pulled them out and looked at them...but I didn't work on them. Sue me.
5. Pine Forest Baby Blanket: started February 21, 2012 - this has had some work but nothing spectacular. It's still going. I'm still on the third skein and I haven't decided if it's going to be long enough yet.

Now, for those of you keeping track at home (or those of you that are somewhat familiar with my WIPs due to my weekly Self-Imposed Year of Projects updates, like last week's), you'll notice that there's something missing.......

You'll have to check back on Friday to see...maybe...I haven't heard back from the designer.

But, that's not all...because I have another FO, it means I get to start a new, shiny project. I decided to start work on Hermione's Everyday Socks. The Sun Valley Fibers group on Ravelry is having a KAL and the only rules are that you have to have started between March 1, 2012 and May 15, 2012 and have finished by May 31, 2012, and you have to use Jeanette's lovely hand-dyed yarns. You can make socks, a shawl, a hat, mittens, sweaters, whatever...I chose socks because it kills three birds with one stone: I work on something from my Self-Imposed Year of Projects, I use up something in my stash, and I get to participate in a KAL. There are a couple of us doing these socks so it will truly be a KAL.

If you remember last week's Self-Imposed Year of Projects update, I mentioned that I was thinking of using my Sun Valley Fibers merino/nylon in the Waterfalls colorway. Yeah...I didn't pull that one out. I actually pulled out two skeins of Sun Valley Fibers yarn and made a decision after I had them out. I pulled out two skeins of merino/cashmere/nylon, one in Emerald and the other in Purple Magic. I looked at both of them for a moment or two and decided on the Emerald.

Purple Magic - I swear, it's not black!

Emerald - yes, it really is this blue!

The main reason I decided on the Emerald instead of the Purple Magic is because my Honey Badger Socks are purple...and I needed something different. Simple, right?

So, I still have six (6) WIPs...just not all the same ones.

And now, for some photos of Little Man. He's adorable and he knows it...

This is cute, right?

See, now he knows what a camera is and he'll do his "cheese face" for pictures. He's silly.

Please note that he is holding the nunchuck for the Nintendo Wii. Husband has been playing some Zelda and Little Man wanted to be like daddy...and the one remote wasn't enough. We had to attach the nunchuck so he'd leave daddy's alone.

By the way, Shrek The Third is one of his favorite movies. He'll sit and actually watch a good portion of it. It's funny. He decided to lay on his tummy for a little while and watch Shrek. Like I said, he's a bit silly...

Anyway, for more WIP Wednesday fun and frolicking, visit Tami's Blog :)

Oh, and for those of you that have been wondering and asking and all that: Husband has had several interviews since he was "asked to leave" the district...and a phone call from said district practically begging him to come back as a consultant.

He has interviewed for a couple of positions here in the Madison area, had a couple of phone interviews and a face-to-face interview in Chicago (the face-to-face was yesterday), and had a couple of phone interviews for a company in San Francisco. They're having him fly out for a face-to-face interview on Monday.

And that phone call from the district? Yeah, let's just say they had no idea how much he was taking care of...and the new people cannot figure it out. There's a lot more to it but this is a public blog and who knows who may find it...


  1. I can't wait until Friday to see what you've finished:)
    Little Man is so cute wanting to be like Daddy and play on the Wii.
    The shamrocks on your blog look great!

  2. Goodness, woman! You're busy these days. And your little one is adorable! Sounds like hubby's job hunt is going well -- hope it turns up something wonderful for you guys soon!

  3. Look at that smile on Little Man - he absolutely knows who's in charge. Hopefully DH finds the perfect new job and can put all the other rubbish behind him!

  4. What a fabulous smile - your little guy is so cute!!

  5. Hmph, took them to figure out how valuable he was when his replacements stunk? How rude.
    Good luck to him.
    Little Man is adorable as usual; his smile and his lit up eyes are precious.
    Don't you hate it when the camera doesn't catch the essence of the colorway tones? That emerald rocks.