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Monday, April 16, 2012

Self-Imposed Year of Projects: Update #15

Okay, okay, I'm two days late with this update. Normally, I work on updates on Friday and Saturday nights, setting it to publish on Sunday morning at 12am. This week's update obviously didn't happen that way.

I have a reason. It's even a good one (I think).

Husband, Little Man, and I went to the Kalahari Indoor Waterpark & Resort in Wisconsin Dells for a couple of days. We left Saturday afternoon and came back late this morning. Little Man loved the waterpark. It was his first time in a wave pool (which he loved, even if he did have to hold Mama's hand the whole time), his first time on a waterslide with anyone (Mama, in this case, and he loved it), and his first time on a waterslide by himself (it was a kiddie one, maybe five feet long and only at a 30° angle, and he had a life jacket on - this was by far his favorite). He got to ride around a lot in his Kelty stroller, look at lots of flashing lights in the game rooms, and flirt with so many people it was disgusting. There were a couple convention-type-things going on over the weekend including some sort of group dance competition (translation: lots of overly-dramatic, bratty tweens wearing way too much makeup and frolicking around in a most disturbing manner - seriously, it was disturbing) and a senior bowling tournament.

Very little sleep was had because Little Man refused to sleep in the pack-n-play so he wound up in bed with Mama. Husband slept on the floor the first night because Little Man was hogging the bed so much (Uncle Joe had the other bed - he offered to let Husband have it, though). Last night, Husband had one bed and I had the other with Little Man. I don't understand how someone so small can take up so much room.

Husband had a deep tissue massage yesterday morning and I had a facial after he was finished. We both needed the pampering and the relaxation away from home.

So.......that was why I didn't get around to my Self-Imposed Year of Projects update. But, now I'm home, everyone's in bed, and we can get on with things...............

.......except, let's be honest: the only thing that's changed since last week is that I started my Habitat hat on April 10th. I'm still slowly plugging away on the blanket, haven't really touched much else but those two.

So, there you have it: short and sweet. Started a new project, haven't finished anything. I think that means I should leave you with something of Little Man should help, right?

I hope to have something worth showing later this week.....probably a WIP Wednesday that'll show up on Thursday or Friday (my days are all off since we came home today).


  1. Sounds like you had a blast at the waterpark and Little Man prob didn't want to come home. Really cute pictures of little man and looking forward to seeing more pics.

  2. Sounds like a great trip, even if you didn't get much sleep. And I love that picture of Little Man on the scooter, he looks like he's checking to make sure you can see how clever he is.

  3. What fun you had! I love how you had him in a life jacket.

  4. Awwww - glad you had a fun time at the waterpark! And Yay for pampering time too :-)

  5. Sounds like a perfect time!!!

  6. Just wanted to swing by to let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award :) Thank you for your inspiring posts!