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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Self-Imposed Year of Projects: Update #20 (and Awards!)

Well, well, we are. It's Sunday again and that means it's time for another Self-Imposed Year of Projects update. I'm headed into my 20th week, kids...and let's be honest, what with the big news and all, not much knitting has occurred.

Anyway, onward.....

1. Claudia: started January 3, 2012; finished January 10, 2012
2. Mama's Simple Skyp Socks: started May 22, 2011; finished January 9, 2012
3. Little Man's Cobblestone Baby Blanket: started July 2010; finished February 2, 2012
4. Dalek Dishcloth: started February 6, 2012; finished February 8, 2012
5. Baby Traveling Vines Socks: started September 18, 2010; finished February 17, 2012
6. Snail Hat: started February 18, 2012; finished February 19, 2012
7. Lothlorien Hat: started January 25, 2012; finished March 5, 2012
8. Habitat Hat: started April 10, 2012; finished May 8, 2012

This list hasn't changed and may not change again for awhile...sorry.

1. Little Man's Giraffe: started May 11, 2011
2. Icarus Shawl: Started March 15, 2010
3. Honey Badger Don't Give a Shit Socks: started January 23, 2012
4. Pine Forest Baby Blanket: started February 21, 2012
5. Hermione's Everyday Socks: started March 6, 2012
6. Sweet Girl's Hippo: started May 10, 2012 

Little Man has discovered his giraffe in a project bag and he keeps taking him out to play with and I keep putting him back in his bag and he keeps taking him back out to play with and I keep putting him back and so on and so forth. I haven't worked on him and I think Little Man is trying to somehow convey that I need to finish him. ::sigh::

I've made very little progress on anything, to be honest. I'm almost done with the double gusset heel on the first Everyday Sock......almost. I've also worked a little bit on the Hippo but I'm still on the body portion of that. Other than that, my knitting hasn't really been touched and I'm rather sad about it.

But, like I said....big news and all.....

1. Hermione Hearts Ron
2. Ogre Babies!
3. NIN Hat
4. Brandon Ribbed Beanie
5. Godric's Hollow Hat
6. Raglan Hat
7. Bergen Street Tuque
8. Nolan
9. Simple Baby Cap #1
10. Candy Cane
11. Little Pumpkin

1. Freeport Vest
2. My Little Slug
3. Shaun (as in Shaun the Sheep)
4. Curly Snake
5. Penelope the Empathetic Monster
6. A new version of my Vanilla Socks, perhaps in a worsted weight...
7. Adipose (yes, I know it says that it's unavailable but I have it somewhere; this is my Ravelympics 2012 project, by the way)

I've been having a few thoughts about how to handle the move to San Francisco in accordance with my Self-Imposed Year of Projects. We're most likely going to be doing a full-pack move with everything that we don't need immediately in an apartment going into storage (that we will have access to)......but do I really want to be digging around a storage locker, looking for yarn for these projects? No. So, I think what I'm going to do is locate the patterns (most are going to be PDFs that are saved to my laptop, the others come from two books), decide on the yarn I plan to use for each project, place said yarn into a bag (or two, depending on which pattern - I think the only one that's going to require more than one bag is the Freeport Vest), label said bag somehow with the project title, and put all of those potential projects into a bin of their own and somehow denote it as the Self-Imposed Year of Projects Planned Projects bin or something like that. I think that will save me a lot of time digging in boxes and bins when we move.

Anyway, the totals are pretty much the same as they were last week....

FOs: 8 projects
WIPs: 6 projects
Planned: 18 projects
TOTAL: 32 projects

For those of you keeping track of my non-knitting life, you'll know that Husband got the job at Symantec. What you don't know is that they want him starting May 29th. Yes, as in a week from Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day! So, he and a friend are driving out and they're leaving in five days from now (including today). So, we have five days to get the really big stuff on the main floor, at least. Or, at least, get some work done so I can move it by myself or with minimal help.

Am I panicking? Yes. Will it be fine? Yes. 

In other random things that are going on around here....I've been nominated for another blogging award and it's not The Versatile Blogger. This time, the lovely Emma has nominated me for the Sunshine Award.

Sometimes, I have to wonder where her head wandered off to because I don't normally think of my blog as all sunshine and farts but, there you have it. It's not that I don't want my life to be a sunshiney world....I do....but I'm not going to pretend that it is when, sometimes, it isn't. Oh well.

Since Husband got the job, it's a sunshiney world again :)

So, thank you to Emma (and go look at her blog, she's fun!).

Sunshine Award Rules
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer the 10 questions on your favourite things.
3. Nominate 10 blogs to receive the Sunshine Award and let them know they've been nominated.
Since I've already done the first thing on the list, I'm going to move on to the second thing.......
  1. Favorite animal: Turtles. I even have a tattoo of one on my back.
  2. Favorite number: 8. It's always been that way.
  3. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Milk. I've always been a big milk drinker.
  4. Facebook or Twitter: I don't even have a Twitter account.....what do you think?
  5. My passion: Crafting (specifically knitting but also painting and other random things)...and Harry Potter.
  6. Getting or giving: Let's be honest here: everyone likes getting things. It's nice to give things, too, especially when you know they'll be appreciated.
  7. Favorite Pattern: Well....I've made the London Beanie a few times. I don't know if that qualifies it as a "favorite" but it works for me.
  8. Favorite day of the week: Any day that's between 5pm on Friday through 3pm on Sunday :)
  9. Favorite flower: Daisies. Easy.
  10. Favorite country: You want me to pick just one? I've only been to Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Austria, and Germany.......I think I'm going to go with Austria (out of the ones I've visited). Overall? Probably Ireland or Scotland....and someday, I'll visit those, too :)

And now...I'm supposed to nominate 10 blogs to receive the Sunshine Award and let them know they've been nominated. This is where I wind up struggling. We'll see how far I get...

  1. Shannon over at A Life Flexible:  I have no idea how I discovered her blog but it's in my list and I read it and I comment occasionally. She's got a lovely little guy that we occasionally see photos of, plus her Learn-To-Knit squares (and seriously, if that's "learning to knit," I've got a looooong way to go). 
  2. Rae Lynn at Drip, Drip, Drop: I imagine that I discovered her blog either on the Itty Bitty Forum or perhaps Knit & Crochet Blog Week 2011...either way, she has two cute little ones and is a lovely knitter. I believe it was her blue giraffe that inspired me to make Little Man's giraffe green.
  3. Hannah at Hannah Knits Stuff: I've read about her wedding planning, the actual wedding (they've been married almost a year now!), and then about her pregnancy.....and now she's a new mommy! So, forgive her for not updating her blog that often. I think she's kinda busy...
  4. Armida at Fairytale Knits: I honestly don't know how I stumbled across her blog but I suspect that it was via another blog. Maybe. She's from Canada where they get snow, something I'm very used to having grown up in southern Wisconsin. She has a lovely sense of color, which is something that tries to elude me (I usually can find something to work with)...and she makes socks, which I love.
  5. Finny (which I suspect is not her real name but whatever) at Finny Knits: As she puts it, "I say swears on her blog and you can, too!" I don't swear much on my blog......not that I don't think it. For some reason, I still feel like I shouldn't do that. So, why do I love Finny? Sunshine and farts. It's great. Oh, and she's in San Jose, CA.....which, apparently from looking at a map, is right around where we're moving to (of course, so is Oakland, Alameda, Berkley, and Fremont).
  6. Mandy at Infinite Book of Matches: This is probably one of my few non-knitting-related blogs. I've known Mandy for a few years as we worked together while she was still living in Madison. She's quite lovely (and she should know it). I have no idea how she manages to stay so upbeat. But, she's the epitome of sunshine :)

And let's be honest. I've run out of steam :(

Hey, I made it through six blogs! That's pretty good for me :)


  1. Congratulations to your husband and good luck with packing!

  2. I think that's a great plan for how to deal with your yarn on the move. It does sound scary though... Good luck with it all, and I want updates (though I'll forgive you if you have you have to vanish for a while!)

    Oh, and if you can't find your copy of adipose, I know where mine's saved =P

  3. Lots of exciting news...big congrats to your hubby on getting the job, sounds like you have your move and projects sussed.....I know why you worry though, you know as soon as something is at the bottom of a bag or box, you will need it!

    Have a great, sunshiny week!

  4. I think your idea about your project bags is a good one with the upcoming move. I don't envy you that, moving is hard work, physically and emotionally. Take care of yourself and do give yourself a little time with your craft to help you keep you sanity.

  5. Thank you for the nomination! :) an congratulations to your husband for getting the job. :).

    I really appreciate you checking in on my blog even though I'm so random at posting lately! Have a great week!

  6. That is REALLY BIG NEWS ... I wouldn't be able to knit or crochet either. I think your plan about locating patterns electronically on your laptop and bagging and labelling yarn is a good one. My experience with moving is that you will likely have time to craft while you wait for the hydro hook-up and then wait for telephone hook-up and then wait for the cable hook-up and then wait for appliance delivery ... well, you get the picture! Congratulations!

  7. You'll get through it all! Mums are strong and smart plan about how to pack your yarn and projects.