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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Normally, I'd participate in WIP Wednesday today but I (1) haven't photographed anything new, (2) haven't really worked on anything, and (3) have a sick Little Man at home with me today.


That kid has been sick from almost the time he walked into daycare a couple of weeks ago. He's gotten a cold, sinus infection, ear infection, and now he's probably got Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease. It just never frickin' ends around here.

Between Little Man being sick, packing, and the nitpicky things going on around here, I've barely had time to breathe, much less knit. What are these "nitpicky" things, you ask? You really want to know? Okay....

Yesterday, for example......
1. The realtor came over with an entourage. Translation: I had seven realtors doing a walk-through of my house.
2. I called the dumpster company about picking up the dumpster
3. I called the new insurance company about finding a metabolic doctor for Little Man (which translated into finding a hospital, too)
4. I called our current insurance company about Husband's new job and, therefore, our non-need for insurance when we move
5. I called Home Depot about getting our windows measured on the porch (they dropped the ball on that one as they were supposed to come yesterday afternoon and never showed up)
6. I called the local Buy & Sell shop about coming over to take some things off my hands (left a message)
7. I called someone I know regarding my grandma's rosemalling and unpainted wood and all of that (wanted to leave a message but couldn't)
8. I called American TV about today's appointment (finding out when they'll be here)
9. I called Little Man's metabolic doctor to schedule an appointment and let them know about what the new insurance covers (two separate phone calls)
10. Cleaned off the porch, vacuumed the porch, and moved some boxes out onto the porch
11. Almost finished cleaning out the china hutch in the dining room
12. Finished filling the dumpster
13. I called someone about doing landscaping in the backyard
14. I called someone about doing lawn mowing and, hopefully not, snow shoveling

Today isn't looking much better....
1. Went to my bank (found out I can't count worth shit)
2. Went to Husband's bank
3. Picked Little Man up from daycare early because he's probably got Hand, Foot, & Mouth
4. Called the pediatrician's office (twice)
5. The dishwasher is getting fixed (or at least looked at today)
6. Someone is coming to measure the windows on the porch
7. The dumpster was picked up
8. Going to the pediatrician at 2:30pm

The nitpicky things are killing me. I can pack quite a bit in a day....but when these nitpicky things come up, it screws up my entire day.

Soooooooo...........things aren't getting done as quickly as I had hoped. I'm not sure Husband is too happy about that either.

Anyway, I hope you're all having a lovely Wednesday.....mine is not lovely.


  1. Not lovely indeed. Maybe you need a good hot soak after the little one goes to sleep. Calgon take me away.

  2. (((hugs))) Unfortunately daycare does expose them to lots of germs....some kids get sick a lot...hopefully he'll build up an immunity....

  3. Wow - you've been BUSY. Sorry your little guy is feeling poorly - hopefully he recovers soon!