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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Randomness that is Wednesday.....

Normally, Wednesdays are "reserved" for WIPs....and while I have plenty of those, I haven't taken photographs because, let's be honest, I've been busy doing other things. Mostly panicking. A lot of purging. Oh, and packing. I've been doing those three things.

Anyway, I'm popping in to blurb about a few things.

First of all, the newest addition to the family is starting the journey to their grand entrance. My sister-in-law's water broke this morning (Husband's sister). Now, baby is supposed to be a "he" (fully open presentation that says, "hey, Ima be a boy!").......but there's always a possibility that the ultrasound techs were wrong. So, I'm going to reserve the gender-specific nomenclature until we're sure it's a boy. Unfortunately, baby picked an inopportune time for their appearance as neither Husband or I will be able to visit (Husband for obvious reasons of not being here entirely; me because of the aforementioned PPP that I'm doing). Then again, we're not exactly on good terms with said portion of the family for a vast number of reasons. It's okay though.

Secondly, I've had my spinning wheel now for about a year and a half. I decided awhile ago that my wheel was a "he" because, let's be honest: he's stubborn and doesn't do what I tell him to do. But, all this time, he has been without a name. Today, on a whim, I decided that his name shall be Viktor. Stubborn and sexy. I think that describes my wheel very well.

Third, the only room that needs more than 25% of the packing done is the kitchen. Every other room in the house is either fully packed (to the point that I can pack it - i.e., there may still be furniture in the room but I can't pack that), or more than 75% packed. I've also had Vinny's over to the house (Society of St. Vincent de Paul) both last Friday and today. On Friday, I forgot to have them pick up the 2-drawer file cabinet I was getting rid of. Today, I remembered to have them grab the file cabinet but I forgot to have them take the dining room table & chairs. ::sigh:: If it's not one thing, it's another. I'm glad I have friends with big things like trucks or vans that are willing to help a forgetful girl out :)

Fourthly, I'm still thinking too much about things. I may actually have some time with Brother before we move. I'm not going to hold my breath but the seed may have actually started to grow this time, so to speak.

Fifth, don't expect much from me over the next few.....well, not for a little while anyway. Moving and getting settled and attempting to find my yarn and all of that is going to be a challenge. We'll see how things go.

Hope all is well with you, my wonderful reader(s).


  1. Moving house is such a hassle. It was bad enough moving from one side of town to the other, I can only imagine how difficult it can be going from one state to another! Here's hoping everything goes well while you're offline!

  2. Almost there Renee! Wowzers!
    All is well here. Need to figure out dinner.

  3. Oi; I thought I had left a comment on this. Almost there my goodness! You are an amazing busy bee.

  4. I really hope the move went well, I've been thinking if you. I know it's tough to settle into a new place, and I only moved 2 hours away, so I don't expect too many updates, but keep us informed on how it's going when you can! And good luck!