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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Self-Imposed Year of Projects: Update #38

After thirty-seven weeks of this, you'd think I wouldn't want to keep changing my plans...but I seem to have that nasty illness that has been going around all the knitters and crocheters that I know (and even the ones I don't know but would love to know): Startitis.

But, we'll get to that in a moment...maybe.

First of all, let's visit my (current) lists...

1. Claudia: started January 3, 2012; finished January 10, 2012
2. Mama's Simple Skyp Socks: started May 22, 2011; finished January 9, 2012
3. Little Man's Cobblestone Baby Blanket: started July 2010; finished February 2, 2012
4. Dalek Dishcloth: started February 6, 2012; finished February 8, 2012
5. Baby Traveling Vines Socks: started September 18, 2010; finished February 17, 2012
6. Snail Hat: started February 18, 2012; finished February 19, 2012
7. Lothlorien Hat: started January 25, 2012; finished March 5, 2012
8. Habitat Hat: started April 10, 2012; finished May 8, 2012
9. Mini Sweet Girl's Pumpkin Hat: started May 31, 2012; finished June 4, 2012
10. Pine Forest Baby Blanket: started February 21, 2012; finished August 4, 2012
11. Sassy Girl's Simple Baby Cap #1: started August 4, 2012; finished August 5, 2012
12. Double Bump Dishcloth: started August 9, 2012; finished August 11, 2012
13. Go Pack, Go!: started August 18, 2012; finished August 22, 2012
14. Woven Rib Dishcloth: started August 25, 2012; finished August 26, 2012
15. Little Granite Dishcloth: started August 27, 2012; finished August 28, 2012
16. Alternate Andalusian Dishcloth: started August 29, 2012; finished August 29, 2012

17. Not-Too-Scruby Dishcloth: started September 7, 2012; finished September 14, 2012

1. Little Man's Giraffe: started May 11, 2011
2. Icarus Shawl: started March 15, 2010
3. Hermione's Everyday Socks: started March 6, 2012
4. Sweet Girl's Hippo: started May 10, 2012
5. Mama's Vanilla Socks (round 2): started June 29, 2012

6. Ruffled Feathers Pinwheel Blanket: (test knit) started September 12, 2012 

You'll notice that I've added a project to my WIP list that was never on any list in the first place. Remember how I mentioned that I had Startitis.....well, this kind of took care of some of that issue. I was browsing through the Free Pattern Testers group on Ravelry the other day and came across a request for knitters to test a pinwheel blanket. She said it didn't have to be full size. We could make something as small as a doily or as large as a king sized blanket. So...I have Startitis and I wanted to work on something new and different. Against my better judgement, I asked if I could be a test knitter. So, now I'm working on a blanket that I'm not sure I'll finish the way I want to. It might only end up being a small blanket or, perhaps, a table doily thing. I would hate to call it a doily but since it has a better chance of sitting on the table than on a bed at this point.....yeah. I'm working on it. I had yarn in my stash that needed a use and this looked like a good one. 

Other than the pinwheel blanket, I've really only worked on the dishcloth that I finished and my Icarus shawl (which I haven't finished). I'm just over halfway finished with the second chart on my shawl. I'm hoping to have this shawl finished by December for a friend's wedding so I need to keep working on it. I'd also like to have the Hippo done by Christmas but I'm not sure that's in the cards right now. We'll see. 

Anyway, on to my plans.........and this is where we have to face the facts. Currently, my lists look like this: 

PLANNED HATS (at least five more - 12 total)
1. Hermione Hearts Ron
2. Ogre Babies!
3. NIN Hat
4. Godric's Hollow Hat
5. Raglan Hat
6. Bergen Street Tuque
7. Nolan
8. Candy Cane  

1. Shaun (as in Shaun the Sheep)
2. Curly Snake 
It's not that I'm opposed to any of these projects and I'll probably still make all of them at some point but the reality is that I'm never going to be able to make three stuffed toys and at least five more hats in three and a half months. It's just not going to happen. I could maybe swing the Snake because I can make it any size I want...but I know I won't. I've had Little Man's Giraffe on needles for almost a year and a half and Sweet Girl's Hippo has been going for four months. I just don't make them toys quickly. So, as much as it pains me, I'm going to completely cut all the stuffed toys from my list. That leaves me with a list of hats (of which I plan to choose at least five to make an even twelve for the year - which is also a challenge for the 12 Hats in 2012 group on Ravelry). I should be able to do that but we'll see. 

In the meantime, I've been pondering my Second Self-Imposed Year of Projects (which  may or may not have contributed to both my Startitis and my sudden need to design all the things; I'll never tell!). Since I know I probably won't have all my current WIPs finished, I'll keep those going, obviously. There will probably be another 12 hat challenge...which I may or may not participate in (I haven't decided). I'm thinking of a 12 dishcloth challenge...they're nice to have for emergency gifts, swaps, and Christmas...and Bob knows that I have more kitchen cotton in my stash than should be allowed for any normal sane person. 

I've set it up a little differently, though, and I may or may not get through everything. Currently, I have it sectioned out: Current WIPs, Children's Items, Items for Me (Selfish Knitting, for the win!), Household Items, and Designs (mine that either need to be re-knit, tested, written, or some combination thereof). I may or may not add a 12 dishcloth challenge or a 12 hat challenge. I have enough dishcloths in my tentative list that I could do the 12 dishcloth challenge without issue (which would be housed under Household Items). In fact, I may be able to do it a couple times over. Hats, however, my pose a challenge...I don't have any hats in my tentative list except for ones that I've designed. Of course, that kind of depends on WIPs and if I finish this year's hat challenge. There are a couple hats that I'm going to make, regardless so it depends on if I get them done in the next few months. 

This tentative list includes 20 pairs of socks (granted 18 pairs of those are for infants/children but that's not the point - I didn't even include the ones of my own design and, so far, there's only one of my own design), one stuffed toy, four sweaters/vests (three are for infants/children), two pairs of fingerless mitts, two bags, and a buttload of dishcloths (I didn't even list them all separately - I just wrote general categories and I know where they are in my queue). It's a big list. It's a little scary. And it will most likely change a few times over. I'm okay with all this; that's why it's called a tentative list. If we look back at my original Self-Imposed Year of Projects list, it was similar...and things were removed and it was okay. The list is kind of fluid in that it can change with the ebb and flow of life. My list had to go through some pretty drastic changes when we moved because, suddenly, the need for heavy winter hats was gone. My Second Self-Imposed Year of Projects tentative list was done on the basis that (1) we don't live in winter hell anymore, (2) we have nieces that need baby/kid things like socks, (3) Little Man has no handknit items from Mama except for a smattering of hats, and (4) I need emergency gifts (like dishcloths and market bags). So.........hence the tentative list. 

In other random "life" news, everyone has been calling me about something this week. My car, Little Man's special formula, our house and condo in Wisconsin (which leads to a whole other list of people like the landscaping company and floor cleaning company), and other random things. It's been nuts. My car is going to Volkswagon of Oakland tomorrow morning for an estimate on damages (since the adjuster that our insurance company contracted out to cannot be bothered to actually call me - instead, he just says he's called and left voicemails which he has not done). I'm not sure how long the actual repair is going to take or when to expect to get it done. Hrm. It's all aggravating and I want to curl up into a ball until it's all over. 
Instead, I'll leave you with some Yarn P0rn!

Trekking XXL

Happy Fuzzy Yarn

Currently being made into my Icarus Shawl

The Wall O Cascade at my old LYS :(


  1. I love that you call your list the tentative list. Currently I'm struggling with wanting to knit so many things, yet having almost no time to do so. I have a project I am trying to finish for NY Sheep and Wool, but after that I will be reevaluating my list.

    1. I call it "tentative" mostly because I still have time to change it before I officially publish it and start my second year in January. The other reason is that looking at the past 37 weeks and how many times I've changed my list by adding and/or dropping items, I realize that my list is a fluid being that goes with the ebbs and flows of life.

      And I've only had a child for (almost) 2 years I have no idea how he's going to react or behave so I may have to spend late nights knitting or maybe he'll actually let me knit during the day...

  2. I was going to pass comment on your rethink of projects then I got caught up looking at your yarn pics and I can't remember anything LYS is amazing!

    1. I miss that particular LYS (it truly was my LYS though there were probably 5 or 6 that I frequented on a regular basis). They've also done some reorganization since that photo was taken and the wall, while still impressive, just isn't the same :(

  3. I love your challenging list! I love planning almost more than doing at times. I have lists about everything....that's the problem...I try to do so much and actually get so little done. But I am persistent and as with my socks (novice sock knitter) WILL get done eventually! I'm so happy to meet all of minded souls! Good luck and I hope the car gets fixed! Have a great week!

    1. I'm a list-maker, too...and it gets in the way of things sometimes. The only way I was able to function through college was by making a timetable of how and when to do homework. It works for me. It doesn't work for everyone else.

      The only thing is, with the advent of technology (like iPads and my iPhone), making a list got a lot harder. I know that sounds really silly but I prefer actually writing a list as opposed to typing a list. I don't know why....

  4. Definitely flexible when it comes to some meme in our crafty world. Don't sweat it. I would put projects for immediate gifts as priority and a few items for the ohana scattered about here and there.
    Sorry about your car :O(. Ppl can be so ghetto and low class. What a headache for you.

    1. If we weren't flexible with our crafting, we'd never finish anything :)

  5. Your lists make my head spin :)
    LOVE all the colours in that Happy Fuzzy yarn. Will it be a hat?

    1. I am a list-maker.

      The Happy Fuzzy yarn is actually sock weight and superwash so I suspect that it will be socks. Maybe mittens. We'll see.

  6. I think one of the joys of a YOP list is that it can change to fit your new needs-- there are so many lists in life that have no flexibility, really, and there's so much that can happen in a year!

    Also, yarn p0rn really does make a lot of things better... I think :)

    1. Yarn p0rn makes lots of things better....

  7. Trekking..oh my..*wolf whistle* I stopped making lists a while back..well, my problem is I seem to loose the list! I swear I tuck them in my purse, pocket, on frig, in craft basket..and poof, gone! It's those invisible elves that steal everything when I'm not looking..

    1. This is why my lists end up online. That way I can't lose them :)

  8. I love the Happy Fuzzy yarn!!!! OMG that is so pretty!

  9. Your lists are amazingly organized. I think you should keep the dishcloth challenge going. They are nice to do when you want quick satisfaction of a FO.

    My car has been in the shop for almost a month now and it is still not fully repaired! I miss my car so much. The rental stinks! Well at least the accident was not my fault but still...........I want baby back home with me. HOpefully yours will be done soon too.

    1. I didn't have one for this year but I think for my second one, I will add one in. Even if I have to make 12 basic dishcloths...I have soooooo much kitchen cotton :)

  10. I love your list too, and as I was not focusing on just how much knitting I could have been doing, I rethought my YOP list and started again...I still have my ongoing bedspread..[think like the BEASTGHAN from another blog] and you have an idea of what that one is like for me...I am also now knitting and crocheting for more birthdays and XMas so, my sewing tutorial has taken a back seat from my Forty Five by 45 list. I hope you get your car back soon! For me to have one in the first place would be a dream, actually I would need a truck for where I live...Fluidity and flexibility are crucial to living problem is the graceful part...I do still take things hard sometimes...not wanting to let go of certain things, [it depends on what it is]. I am not used to giving up on things, so once I set my mind to it...its hard to change it completely...As for startitis, I have no problems finding projects to do...but, deciding on who may need what I want to work on isn't always easy...I prefer to knit what I like and suit that to a purpose. I try to vary what I work on throughout the day and spend my time just before bed relaxing and ruminating about the next day or reading and then dozing off...this way I have given myself time to wind down...I generally sleep better from this ritual. I am an insomniac though, and usually within four hours I am wide awake again until the afternoon...then my body just shuts off and I end up napping for about an hour...I have done this since I became a new mom 25 years ago...I don't know why, but it just isn't the same for me if I try to stay awake...I get cranky, irritable and moody without my better for EVERYONE for me to have it!!! I love your yarn p0rn, eye candy is always helpful! I would love to own that much yarn someday! Just to say I have it! :Laugh

    1. I think I've entertained my Startitis recently (dishcloths and more hats). I hope that's enough...because I need to catch a good, long case of Finishitis.

  11. See and I crochet toys pretty fast.....Love the yarn p0rn....I have something similar to the Trekking

  12. I think the tentative list is probably the best thing to do, because it's so flexible, and you do have 3.5 months to go 'til you need to decide what you're knitting at all. And I hope the car is all fixed now!

    1. The car is currently still getting fixed. I'm sick of the rental...I want my car :(