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Monday, November 26, 2012


It's time for some Yarn Addict Confessions.

It's what's known as "Cyber Monday" here in the US because...well, Friday was "Black Friday," as it's the first official holiday shopping day (and places have crazy deals on some things, just to get people in the door - I'm fondly remembering the Tickle Me Elmo rush when I was younger), Saturday is "Small Business Saturday" and it's supposed to be a push for shopping locally, and Sunday is what I've deemed "Rest and Recovery" day because after all the turkey from Thanksgiving and all the rushing about on Friday and Saturday, you need a day to recover...which brings us to Monday. I suppose all the rest and recovery time slips into Monday and people do their shopping online.

Honestly, do people really need three "special" shopping days? Really?

Anyway, it's the Monday after Thanksgiving in the US (and just another Monday in other parts of the world) and Little Man and I have run some errands today. I had a couple packages at the rental office (my plying flyer for Viktor and three copies of the deluxe edition of Annie & the Swiss Cheese Scarf) and we ran some errands after that.

Little Man has been napping for about two hours now and during that two hour time period, I thought I'd work on his Giraffe some more. As of right now, I only have to do attach the spots, do the face, and make the hair. I started working on the hair (using this video on YouTube) and I've been cursing ever since. It's not difficult and I get how it works...

But I'm not a crocheter.

There. I said it. My fiber addictions only encompass two things: knitting and spinning. I. Am. Not. A. Crocheter.

I know how to make a chain and I can do a single crochet stitch and a double crochet stitch and so on and so forth (if I have YouTube open in front of me with various videos loaded)...I can even do this fancy loop stitch.

Sooo......what's the problem, then? I don't know how to count crochet stitches so I never seem to wind up with the same amount of stitches in a row (yes, I know about the "adding" a stitch onto the end of rows so you can turn). One row had six loops, then I did a single crochet row back, the next row had seven loops, then I did a single crochet row back, then I had five goes on and on and wonky like this.

How the hell do you count crochet stitches?! I thought I got it but this is apparently eluding me more than I thought.

That's my confession of the day: I don't know how to count crochet stitches and I am attempting to do a loop crochet stitch for Little Man's Giraffe. What the hell was I thinking?!


  1. I am just as clueless as you on this one. My mom is the crochet person in our family.

  2. That can be an issue for me when I don't crochet regularly enough. You don't count the slip knot as a chain nor the chain on the hook
    When you've made the foundation chain, you have to chain so many depending upon what crochet st you're doing. That does not count as one st for the second row. It's just a way to go up. For row 2, you hook right into the first st there. When you get toward the end of row 2, make sure you get into that last st which is where you can mess up and be one st less than what you're supposed to have.
    This year, because I've already received two howlers from the CFO, I didn't shop on Black Friday nor Small Biz Saturday. I found nothing on Cyber Monday in regards to yarn for a baby project b/c only certain colors were on sale. So no Xmas shopping has been done yet.

    1. I think I'm supposed to do a row of single crochet every other row because the loops appear only on one side. That part I get. I just can't figure out how you actually count crochet stitches. I'll have to be more patient, I guess. ::sigh::

  3. Is this theme connected with your education sphere or maybe is it more about your hobbies and kinds of spending your free time?

    1. Mostly about my fiber addiction but my background in education does creep in, especially when I see asinine things. One of the other blogs I read sums that up much better, though (Free Range Kids).