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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday :)

In the midst of all the holidaying and sickness and traveling, I'm going to post a WIP Wednesday for you to enjoy :)

If you may or may not remember, I started knitting Mama's Vanilla Socks last December. I started out by CO 64 stitches, doing about an inch of ribbing, and then switching to stockinette. It was easy and fairly mindless. As time wore on, I started doubting whether these socks were going to fit. I had a sneaking suspicion they were going to be too small due to the fact that stockinette doesn't generally have much stretch to it. Sadly, after trying them on, I discovered they were too small and I frogged them.

But, I decided that I really wanted "boring" socks so I started over with Mama's Vanilla Socks (round 2) at the end of June. I CO 64 stitches and increased to 72 after I did 10 rows of 2x2 ribbing. Guess what? They fit...but if I make them any longer or they won't fit (curse my fat calves!). So....

Here we are. At this point, I'm getting ready to start the heel flap. I'm going to borrow the Modified Eye of Partridge heel flap from the Hermione's Everyday Socks. I like how it looked when I made those so I'm going to try it again. I think I'm also going to do either a Gusset on the Bottom (Single Gusset Heel) or a Double Gusset Heel. I'm kind of tossed about which one I want to do. I think it'll depend on how many stitches I'll have by that point. I'm using Sock Yarn from htNEVELE Designs (link to her Etsy Shop as her website has gone missing).

Also, I'm going to make it a twofer today :)

I started the Eat Your Monkey Socks at the end of November when I was in the midst of a small case of Startitis. I started them on US #1 (2mm) needles using the small size and, of course, they were too small so I frogged them, bought new needles, and started over on US #1.5s (2.25mm) needles and they fit.

I've just started my fifth repeat of the pattern and I expect I'll have six repeats before I start working on the heel. It says to work until about 6" from the CO edge and I'm currently sitting at just over 4". I think if I go to seven repeats, it'll be too long and my fat calves will become a problem (again). I'm using MCN fingering weight yarn from Sun Valley Fibers called "Eat Your Greens," hence Eat Your Monkey Socks. Jeanette, the lovely purveyor of SFV, has always told me that she doesn't do self-stripping yarns but this on is stripping a bit...don't know that I'm going to tell her yet.

Anyway, if you want some more WIP Wednesday fun, visit Tami. Also, I'll be back on Friday with some FO Friday love :)


  1. I love the colour of the yarn you are using for both of the socks. I really want to learn how to knit socks but I have not had enought confidence in my knitting ability yet.

    1. The colors aren't nearly as bright as the photos make them. Late night and bad lighting will do that :) Don't get me wrong, they are colorful socks, though.

  2. Love your monkey socks! They're looking fab :-)

  3. Socks are looking good...I have two pairs I need to finish....I'm thinking of joining YOP next there a group on Rav? Couldn't seem to find one, or is it a blog-a-long kinda thing?

    1. It's housed under the Come Blog-a-Long group on Ravelry. Most of them are doing what I like to think of as a "school year" YOP where they start in July and end in June. I started with my birthday because that made more sense to me. It works.

  4. Hooray! F-u-n socks on the needles!