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Thursday, February 21, 2013

45/30 and 20/10 and 60/30 and Unf&cking My Habitat: The Moving Edition

I'm thinking of photographing the insanity going on in our apartment right now. You know, for posterity or science or religion or something.

I feel like every time I get something done, something new comes up and it's not going to all be finished in time and yet, here I am, typing up a frickin' blog post! What. The. Hell?!

I've been following a Tumblr feed called (sorry for the language): Unfuck Your Habitat. It's like Flylady with more colorful language and no nonsense. My habitat is pretty screwed up right now, understandably so. I'm attacking packing much the way she describes cleaning: 45 minutes of work followed by 15 minutes of something not work (or 20/10 or 60/30 or some approximation thereof). It's kind of working. I've managed to get the stove cleaned out and that portion of the kitchen packed up (except the fridge). I've also gotten laundry done (seven loads of laundry today). Now that laundry is done, I think I'm going to wind up working in 60/15 segments. As long as Little Man is entertained, I can work. Puppy was taken to the kennel this morning so that's helped. It means I can move things outside onto the patio if I need to (things that can get wet, just in case).

Anyway, things are nuts around here. Perhaps later tonight I'll post photos of the insanity. It's really nuts right now.

I hope all is well with you and we'll see if I get around to my Year of Projects update this weekend. I probably won't. That's okay though. It'll get done :)


  1. I just discovered Unfuck Your Habitat about a week ago and I love it so much already! Just did my first 20/10s and 45/15s today. Good luck with your unfucking!!

  2. Oh boy! It is never boring in your crib.