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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday: The New Home Edition

Happy WIP Wednesday from our new home! Today's edition of WIP Wednesday will be of a different sort.....mainly, photos of the biggest WIP right now: The House!

Standing in front of our new home...with our new lemon tree!

Front room

From the front room, looking toward the kitchen and family room


Little Man's room

Master bedroom (and down the "hall" to the closet & bathroom)

Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Guest bathroom #1

Family room (and you can see the deck out back)

Guest bedroom

Back room (which has it's own furnace)

Guest bathroom #2 (between the guest room and the back room)

This is all fine and empty house that we could mold and create to be our own space. And then all of our crap arrived (well, mostly mine, but you's ours).

Front room with a bunch of crap

Kitchen with a bunch of crap

The family room with a bunch of crap

New bookshelves in the master bedroom!

It's not as bad as the photos. Some of the rooms are currently useable (and even kind of "ready"). Little Man's room only has a couple things that need to be done (aside from hanging posters back up and such). I need to get a cedar chest out of there and it's going in the front room. I can't do that until I get the front room cleared out a bit more, though. I also need to get some things unpacked in there.

Swinging off my new big boy bed!

This is my "cheese" face

He does seem to like his new bed, however :)

Other rooms are in various states of disarray right now. The family room, Little Man's room, and our bedroom are fairly good, considering that there are still boxes and disorganization around. The front room is a total clusterfu*k right is the kitchen. The garage is organized but everything is in boxes so I've been working on that. Our new washer and dryer are being delivered tomorrow along with the upright freezer for the garage. Once that's here, I can start getting things better organized and think things through a bit more. We'll see how things go.

Now that we've moved, I've had to check out the local sights. And by local sights, I mean local yarn shops. The LYS in San Mateo is Nine Rubies and it's only a couple miles away from the house. It reminds me of The Sow's Ear in Verona, WI but without the food. Brightly lit, open spaces (I can fit a stroller through easily), knowledgeable staff, and a metric ton of yarn :) Oh, and books...let's talk about those, too.

Treasuries of Knitting Patterns

I have been coveting these four books for the last couple years (basically from the time I found out what they were). In the above photo you see Barbara Walker's Knitting Treasury books (all four)...and they were purchased by me yesterday afternoon. I also have her Learn to Knit Afghan Book. Granted, these are new editions but it's still the same information. I don't know what having the original versions would do for me...but I have these and I'm excited and all a dither :) I spent some time with the first one last night (the blue one).......I have ideas swirling in my little head. I think my design list is about to get a bit larger. ::sigh::

And, honestly, I can't go into a new yarn shop and not enhance my stash. I was relatively well-behaved in the stash enhancement department. Only two skeins wanted to come home with me yesterday.

The photo does not do the colors justice. The one of the left is Cloud by Anzula Yarns and is basically fire engine red. The one on the right is Luster Sock by Schafenfreunde and is much brighter. When I turned on the flash, it made everything too bright so I turned it off. This was the best I could do.

Anyway, I hope you're all having a lovely Wednesday. For more WIP Wednesday fun, hop on over to see Tami and Ginny!


  1. Love all the pictures of your new should be very looks to be a beautiful place even empty:) I also like the yarn:)

    1. Than you! I'm hoping that it'll start looking more like home as we get things unpacked (which will probably take five years) :)

  2. Love your new home, congrats, looks very comfortable.

    1. As things get unpacked and put together, it's looking better :)

  3. Your new home is fantastic! I hope you love living there:)

    1. So far, it's been great. I could do without the PG&E trucks in the morning but that's not even that bad.

  4. I love it!! Congratulations! Welcome to the peninsula! My mom lives right near St. Gregory's Church/25th ave/alameda area (where I grew up!). What neighborhood are you guys in? And yes, hard to walk out of Nine Rubies without some pretties!

    1. We are over by Coyote Point Golf Course. I think that's still part of north central San Mateo...sort of. The PG&E Plant is in our backyard (quite literally). The nice part is that it's really easy to get on 101 and I now know the back way to the San Mateo Bridge :)

  5. Congratulations!!!! The house looks great, can't wait to see it in person :)

  6. You have great space! And look at you raiding Nine Rubies!

    1. It'll be better once everything is unpacked and properly put away (which is going to require more furniture and such).

      It's getting better...and then it gets worse...and then it'll get better and then we bring more stuff in. ::sigh::