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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WIP Wednesday :)

I'm finally participating in a WIP Wednesday! I feel like it's been a significant amount of time since I participated....which is absolutely ridiculous because I had a WIP Wednesday post last week. ::sigh::

Anyway, it's Wednesday here in "northern" California and I took out my knitting yesterday and took some photographs of my WIPs (for once).

So, onward :)

Made my own calendar...

First of all, a photo of something I did this past December. As much as I like Google Calendar, I still require something physical, where I can actually see what is going on during any given month...for my crafting/knitting stuff. Google Calendar is fine for appointments and all that because I just plug it into the calendar and make it remind me a day or two before. But, for crafting type's a little different, especially as I generally write posts ahead of time...and they're time consuming, which means I have to plan in advance. So, my calendar has certain things written in pen (WIP Wednesday, FO Friday, my Self-Imposed Year of Projects)...and other things written in pencil (like book reviews and yarn reviews). The things written in pencil can change, have changed, and will probably continue to change. But it gives me a reference.

My calendar is always a WIP.

But there are more WIPs to discuss :)


I'm about halfway finished with this dishcloth. It's nothing spectacular. I haven't even added it to my Self-Imposed Year of Projects. I made the first half out of some green Lion Brand Cotton Ease...I didn't have quite enough to get another row so the tail is quite long from where I switched colors. The other color (that I just started) is purple, also Lion Brand Cotton Ease. This is my "My Head Hurts" knitting...easy, don't have to look, all garter stitch (with the occasional YO). This will probably wind up being a gift for a friend that is expecting in September. Or not. We'll see.

Eat Your Monkey Socks (project page)

I'm still working on the heel flap on my Monkey Socks. I know, I know...I should have had it done a couple weeks ago. This is just one of the causalities of writing posts early. ::sigh:: But, there they are...

Mama's Vanilla Socks (project page)

Currently, I'm working on the gusset decreases for the second sock. It's nothing spectacular as they're just plain stockinette socks. I hope I don't run out of yarn, though...that's something I am a teensy bit worried about. I should be okay as I usually wind up having enough yarn for a pair of baby socks (and then some)...but there are more stitches on these socks, they're a teensy bit longer, and the yardage is a bit smaller than what I'm used to. So, I'm slightly panicky. I'll be more panicky as time goes on.

Freeport Vest (project page)

This is just after I added my third ball of yarn. The yarn is matched as best they can be (it's Malabrigo Chunky - I think)...but obviously there's some subtle stripes happening. It doesn't show up as much in natural light but this was natural light plus the camera flash (otherwise it was way too dark) the stripes show up more. It's not bad, though. I'm just starting the second half of the waist shaping (where you increase back to your starting number of stitches). I also have to get ready to learn a new technique (Elizabeth Zimmerman's Phoney Seam)...or I might just not do it. We'll see how I feel about it when I get there.

So, there you have it. My WIPs for the week...I feel like I should have more, though.

In "real life" news, there isn't much going on. We've had a couple of hot days...well, not "hot" by Wisconsin standards but everyone in Wisconsin has air conditioning because it's hot all summer long out there. Hardly anyone in the immediate San Francisco Bay Area has air conditioning. As you get further out from San Francisco, it's more common, especially if you get over the mountains or down toward the South Bay. But where we're living in San air conditioners anywhere. So, because neither Brian or I do well in heat above 75°F, we bought a window air conditioner. Because we've had a few hot days, we've been spending more time in the back room with the curtains closed and the little window air conditioner turned on....watching movies on the big screen :)

We've also done a few other things, like discovered a Cinnamon at the mall in San Bruno...and a Stuart Little that's bigger than Little Man.

Also, someone thinks those huge, red balls that sit outside of Target are slides...


For more WIP Wednesday fun, visit Tami :)


  1. Everything looks wonderful! I love your calendar. I need to see everything laid out in front of me so I can gauge how crazy my day is going to be:)

    1. I don't need a daily calendar so much as a monthly...but it has to be small or Husband makes fun of me.

  2. Once you pointed out the stripes in the malabrigo, I could see them.

    I love the greeny blue socks ... like the ocean!

    1. I should have just kept my mouth shut ;)

  3. That is Tanforan near you. It's a great mall. I like their Target b/c it's laid back and two levels. I know where everything is.
    That is a great blue for your vest. The socks are electric!

    1. That is Tanforan near me. It takes us about 15-20 minutes to get there on El Camino (because I hate driving on 101) but it's no worse than driving to the mall in Madison (timewise).

      It has Cinnabon :)