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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Y2: Self-Imposed Year of Projects - Update #25

Happy Sunday! Today's post comes to you by way of Monterrey, California, where we've wandered off to for the weekend. We haven't had any sort of getaway or vacation since we moved into the house and we have a good reason and Monterrey isn't that far away.

Anyway, I'll probably have photos of the trip later this week. Maybe. We'll see if I get around to it.

Today, however, we're here to talk about my twenty-fifth installment of my Self-Imposed Year of Projects. 

Finished Objects (FOs)
1. San Francisco Fog Fingerless Mitts: started January 2, 2013; finished January 10, 2013
2. Don't Blink: started January 16, 2013; finished January 16, 2013  (links to one I made last year using the same yarn)
3. Dalek Dishcloth: started January 16, 2013; finished January 21, 2013 (links to one I made last year using the same yarn)
4. Woven Rib Dishcloth: started February 8, 2013; finished February 11, 2013
5. Icarus Shawl: started March 15, 2010; finished February 14, 2013
6. Little Granite Dishcloth: started February 16, 2013; finished March 2, 2013
7. Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth: started March 4, 2013; finished March 27, 2013
8. Garter Stripe Baby Socks: started March 3, 2013; finished April 4, 2013
9. Petal Dishcloth: started May 21, 2013; finished May 22, 2013
10. Petal Dishcloth: started May 22, 2013; finished May 23, 2013
11. Mama's Vanilla Socks (round 2): started June 29, 2012; finished May 24, 2013 
12. Petal Dishcloth: started May 26, 2013; finished May 29, 2013

13. Mini Petal Dishcloth: started June 6, 2013; finished June 10, 2013
14. Eat Your Monkey Socks: started November 29, 2012; finished June 15, 2013

15. Sand Stitch Dishcloth: started June 18, 2013; finished June 20, 2013

I started and finished up another dishcloth. It's nothing fancy. I wanted something small and relatively mindless and I've been digging in my Barbara Walker Treasuries for some ideas (I have a notebook filled with random bits and bobs at this point, just from the first Treasury). I came across a stitch pattern called a Sand Stitch (the WS is known as a Dot or Spot Stitch). It looked interesting in the book so I thought I'd try it. It's easy to memorize but not always so easy to read while knitting it. It doesn't look the greatest in variegated yarn, either...but it's just a dishcloth so I don't really care. That only took me a couple days, though (not that it was hard, but my knitting time is relatively limited). I haven't photographed it yet, either. I might make this part of my dishcloth collection that I'm working on. Or not. We'll see. 

I also added my Mini Petal Dishcloth to the list. It was done last week and I forgot I had a project page for it...oops.

Works-in-Progress (WIPs)
1. Freeport Vest: started March 7, 2013
2. Baby Surprise Jacket: started May 27, 2013
3. Traveling Vines Socks (Adult): started May 31, 2013

I spent some time with my Freeport Vest this week. I only worked a few rows (because rows are long and the yarn is bulky) but I'm to the point where I add in the second color. I think I should probably wind some more yarn soon if I am to continue on this trend.....but that means digging out my ball winder and more yarn.

My Baby Surprise Jacket has been kind of neglected this last week. I worked a couple rows here and there but there's not much to show for it. 

Baby Surprise Jacket

I know. It doesn't look like much of anything. That's perfectly fine. At this point, it's not really supposed to look like much. Also, the yarn is showing up a bit darker than it should be. It's more of a sky blue color but the background and sunny day didn't make for the best outdoor shot. But, there it is. 

And then there are my Traveling Vines Socks. I wish I was a bit further along. I got an email this week about a sock design call for one of the craft magazines in the UK. Sadly, I'm just not ready yet. I mean, I could do the swatch and sketch and all that but there's no way I'd have a full pattern ready, plus sample, by the end of August. ::sigh:: It might have been perfect. Oh well. Designing takes me much longer than it should. Actually, no, designing doesn't take that's the testing of said design that takes far too long. 

Anyway, moving on....

I still haven't decided what my next project is going to be. I need to have a good, long, talk with my stash about growing up and find something that wants to grow up into one of my projects. I have some yarn that has been babbling at me but I'm not sure it wants to grow up quite's telling me it wants to be something for a child...perhaps Milo. 

Children's Items 
1. "Little 16" Newborn Socks
2. Toddler Socks
3. Alvin Sweater
4. A New Sock Monkey
5. Stig
6. Greyson

7. Vested Baby Boy

8. Milo
Items for Me (Selfish Knitting FTW!)
1. Rose's Wrist Warmers
2. Viking Bag
3. Campfire Socks
4. Red Dwarf Socks
5. Zombie ViXen Fingerless Mitts
6. Ardys

Household Items
1. Halloween Creepy Cloths (1)
2. Halloween Creepy Cloths (2)
3. Assorted Harry Potter Cloths
4. Assorted Doctor Who Cloths
5. Grrlfriend Market Bag

(which may or may not be sooper seekrit - obviously the sooper seekrit ones aren't listed)
1. Little Man's Baby Blanket
2. Susan's Hat (4 versions)
3. Assorted dishcloths (set of 12?)
4. Traveling Vines Scarf
5. Traveling Vines Socks (baby and adult-sized as well) - yes, this is a WIP...still working on it...
6. Pinwheel Market Bag
7. Anything else that comes along (I have a notebook or two or seventeen somewhere with potential designs and random ideas)

In real-life events, not a whole lot has been happening...well, not that I'm willing to share to the entire internet via my blog. Husband has spent most of this past week sick. He didn't go to work until Wednesday...and he stayed home Thursday (but they can do that anyway) and he came home early on Friday...but that was because we went to Monterrey. 

Little Man is just as much of a booger this week as he was last week. He's a booger all the time, really. He's taken to kissing baby lemons on the lemon tree and he wants to see the baby oranges all the time...but that requires being picked up because the orange tree is full-grown. He also thinks that I want all the flowers off our bushes so he's been giving me those. Silly boy. 

Puppy is now up-to-date on all his shots and tests and such. It was needed but I really didn't want to sit at the vet's office for two hours. ::sigh:: At least it's done. 

Anyway, I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday :)


  1. Hope you are having a fabulous getaway! And I hope everything is good....

  2. I want to take my girls down to Monterey. That aquarium is terrific. Glad husband got better and you were able to take off. Little Man has a curious and outdoor nature. That's great!
    So excited to see more of your sock design! I wanna design one one day.

  3. Enjoy your getaway, nothing quite like it. Can't wait to see your new sock design.

  4. You like flowers on your plants? yuck! Glad puppy is up to Molly would have had a melt down if she had to wait in a vets office that long..she'd be fine anywhere else!

    enjoy your weekend, hopefully hubby continues to feel well..

    Don't you love having discussions with your stash!

  5. I love the baby surprise jacket, and I'm very jealous of your sunny day! And hope you enjoyed your trip.

    If you don't mind me asking, which craft magazine was it that asked for sock submissions?

  6. Your list of finished projects is very impressive, as is the wip list. Holly cow. Sorry to hear hubby's been sick, hope it doesn't ruin your vacation. Travel safe and have fun. Being confused, thinking I'm out posting our last post of the year and finding out I'm apparently already a week behind...egads this was suppose to be the new year? Scratching head, today's the end of the month. I wasn't even able to add my link to the forum, apparently it's locked. Sigh
    End of 2013 YOP