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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Y2: Self-Imposed Year of Projects - Update #37

Happy Sunday! 

It's finally starting to cool off a bit here in the San Francisco Bay Area...but "cooling off" really doesn't mean fall-like weather (yet). It just means that temperatures are somewhat closer to "normal" around here (mid-70s)...

Anyway, because it's been cooling off, it means that things have been happening...sort of. 

Finished Objects (FOs)
1. San Francisco Fog Fingerless Mitts: started January 2, 2013; finished January 10, 2013

2. Don't Blink: started January 16, 2013; finished January 16, 2013  (links to one I made last year using the same yarn)
3. Dalek Dishcloth: started January 16, 2013; finished January 21, 2013 (links to one I made last year using the same yarn)
4. Woven Rib Dishcloth: started February 8, 2013; finished February 11, 2013
5. Icarus Shawl: started March 15, 2010; finished February 14, 2013
6. Little Granite Dishcloth: started February 16, 2013; finished March 2, 2013
7. Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth: started March 4, 2013; finished March 27, 2013
8. Garter Stripe Baby Socks: started March 3, 2013; finished April 4, 2013
9. Petal Dishcloth: started May 21, 2013; finished May 22, 2013
10. Petal Dishcloth: started May 22, 2013; finished May 23, 2013
11. Mama's Vanilla Socks (round 2): started June 29, 2012; finished May 24, 2013 
12. Petal Dishcloth: started May 26, 2013; finished May 29, 2013
13. Mini Petal Dishcloth: started June 6, 2013; finished June 10, 2013
14. Eat Your Monkey Socks: started November 29, 2012; finished June 15, 2013
15. Sand Stitch Dishcloth: started June 18, 2013; finished June 20, 2013
16. Roman Stitch (Variation) Dishcloth: started June 21, 2013; finished June 23, 2013
17. Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth: started June 28, 2013; finished July 25, 2013
18. Choose Your Own Adventure Dishcloth: started July 26, 2013; finished August 4, 2013
19. Greyson: started July 5, 2013; finished August 27, 2013 
20. Pumpkin Cloth: started September 1, 2013; finished September 1, 2013

I've not finished anything new. This is perfectly acceptable right now as I've got a zillion projects on the needles!

Works-in-Progress (WIPs)
1. Freeport Vest: started March 7, 2013
2. Baby Surprise Jacket: started May 27, 2013
3. Traveling Vines Socks (Adult): started May 31, 2013
4. Dragon's Egg Socks: started September 2, 2013 
5. Soooper Seeekrit Swap Project: started September 4, 2013

In the last week, I have worked on four of my five WIPs. The only one I didn't spend any time with was my Baby Surprise Jacket. And, honestly, I may have worked a row or three last Sunday and just don't remember. 

I spent some of the warmer days this week working on my Freeport Vest. That's kind of silly, actually. I mean, who would want to put that heavy, bulky wool on their lap during a heat wave? Apparently, that would be me. In my defense, I was in our bedroom, which is the coldest room in the house, the fans were going, and the sun wasn't shining into the room. Continuing on my Freeport Vest means that I spent some time with my fancy new ball winder. It works like a dream and it has already paid for itself, if only in lack of total frustration. I did have some frustration this week regarding my ball winder but it wasn't my ball winder's fault. I went to ball one of my hanks of Malabrigo for the Freeport Vest and it was so tangled that I had to wind the ball by hand, weaving it in and out and through and around to untangle the hank. Once I had it all into a ball, I wound it up properly with the ball winder. I'm just a few scant rows from adding the second color, dividing for the armholes, and continuing on my merry way. 

My Traveling Vines Socks are coming along nicely. I've finished the heel and am working on the heel gusset decreases. I did discover along the way that I managed to either work three stitches together, drop a stitch, or forget a decrease on one side (and I cannot for the life of me figure out which) because I suddenly had an odd number of stitches between my markers. So, I fixed it and continued on my way. 

My Dragon's Egg Socks are still in the midst of the first chart but I made bobbles! The chart calls for four bobbles (well, one bobble per chart for a total of four on the sock)...and I did it. They're not perfect but they're done. 

And, of course, my Soooper Seeekrit Swap Project. I cannot reveal what I'm working on so let's just say that I'm nearing the halfway point and I'm contemplating another project with the leftover yarn I'll have...something that will match, of course. We'll see.

That means my remaining lists look like this (which is pretty much the same as last week):

Children's Items 
1. "Little 16" Newborn Socks
2. Alvin Sweater
3. Milo

Items for Me (Selfish Knitting FTW!)
1. Rose's Wrist Warmers
2. Zombie ViXen Fingerless Mitts

Household Items
1. Halloween Creepy Cloths (1)
2. Halloween Creepy Cloths (2)
3. Assorted Harry Potter Cloths
4. Assorted Doctor Who Cloths

Designs (which may or may not be sooper seekrit - obviously the sooper seekrit ones aren't listed)
1. Little Man's Baby Blanket
2. Susan's Hat (4 versions)
3. Assorted dishcloths (set of 12?)
4. Traveling Vines Scarf
5. Traveling Vines Socks (baby and adult-sized as well) - yes, this is a WIP...still working on it...
6. Pinwheel Market Bag
7. Anything else that comes along (I have a notebook or two or seventeen somewhere with potential designs and random ideas)

In "life" news, my MIL is coming from Wisconsin for a few days to take care of Little Man. Husband is having surgery this week and we can't exactly take Little Man to the hospital and expect him to behave. So, she's coming in for a few days to help out with him. It means I've been cleaning and putting things away because if I don't, she'll do it for me and I'll never find anything ever again. I'd rather not have that. 

That's about all that will be happening this week. I think. I hope, actually. 

I hope you've all had a lovely week and fabulous weekend :)


  1. Great progress this week and am glad things are cooling down a bit, looking forward to seeing what swap project may be. Best of luck to your husband with his upcoming surgery this week.

    1. You're going to be waiting until at least November :)

  2. You've definitely got a lot more dine than I. I wanna see your Dragon Egg socks! Is husband okay? I don't remember you mentioning he needs surgery. I'm sure it'll all go well and I hope he isn't in too much pain afterwards.

    1. Husband is perfectly fine. It's just something he's wanted to have done for awhile. I was hoping we could wait until after January but the doctor decided we could do it sooner.

  3. My mom used to walk into my house, throw open the cupboard doors and interrogate me about the organization of my cupboards LOL! It's very nice of your MIL to come down and keep Little Man busy while you run back and forth to the hospital.

    Sounds like you've got lots going on - have a good week!

  4. I love the look of those creepy Halloween cloths on your list.......very seasonal. Hope all goes well with your hubby.

  5. I'm glad it's cooling down and it's nice to get back to some knitting :-) Looking forward to seeing your projects. Hope hubby recovers quickly.

  6. I hope your husbands surgery goes OK and trouble free!

    And I'm really looking forward to seeing the freeport vest and the travelling vines socks. I remember the toddler ones, and I think they'll look great in an adult size!